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The best place to publish a book is non-other than amazon kindle where anybody could self-publish the book for free. In amazon kindle, all the tools are available to market the books. Amazon Kindle has a large network of the book readers, if you publish your book there, it will automatically be in in the vicinity of those readers.

The cost of the book is up to you, the amazon kindle cut the service charge of 30% of the cost of the book and the rest of it goes to your account.
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Agreed. I've a friend who writes something extremely violent which I think it won't be published in a tradition paper book. But the book got approved on Amazon and it sells well!

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There are great sites to sell books online,you just have to check them out and see the ones that suit your taste.

Some good sites are:
Book scouter This is a site that will even help search out buyers for your book,you just need to IBSN of your book on their site.

Cash4books: you can directly  sell your book to this site for immediate cash but you must meet their buying requirements.

Sell back books:This function just like book scouter where one needs to enter the book ISBN and on this site one can actually enter upto 10 ISBN at ago.if you like the offers or amount then you don't need to worry about shipping fee,they will take csre  of that and one gets paid when they received the book.

Good luck on your sales.
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I think publishing via Amazon and selling on Amazon is the best way to generate sales from your books. By the way you can also publish on other platforms such as Smashwords, Barn and Nobles etc. and sell your books in these platforms.
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You can write for amazon kindle, kobo writings and Google play books etc. . If your book is small amazon will give you only 30% of the revenue and if your book is big (more pages) amazon will give you 70% of revenue on each sell you made. You can write for google play books if you have mac. 

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