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Like I explained to you in another question that you asked about book publishing it is best if you use a self-publishing service to publish your books with. If you are on a budget and have no idea how to promote or even sell a book they have some publishing services that can do this for you. If you want to become an author it is best to go with one of these types of services in the beginning. You will need to do all the work yourself and you'll be paying a proofreader to read your book before you get it published. You can try and get a publisher to help you and send your manuscript to them to read and approve. However, the self-publishing services allow you to do this for less money. In the end, you'll make less on the sales of your book because they do take a large cut from the sales. This is because they are fronting all the money and you're not paying anything to do this.
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Publishing ebook and print book is free if you are doing through Amazon Kindle and Amazon Createspace. It is easy to self publish, however, if you want a traditional publisher to publish your book, you must be exceptionally good writer or already popular writer.
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Kindle offers many advantages to authors of e-books and traditional books. Though Kindle has stringent regulations for the types of books they will publish nevertheless most titles are accepted. Their procedures and processes are easy to follow to get your book into print, whether digital or paper. One of my e-books The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting is laid out according to Kindle guidelines and was easy to publish. If you go with brick and mortar publishers or vanity presses it will cost you much money and there are no guarantees of sales. If you have not published before go with a KIndle or a similar platform. Choose a topic that will attract many to your writings. Esoteric topics generally fail. If you have a plan, know the topic you want in print and have the time then a 10-15 thousand word e-book can be done in one month to 6 weeks. One of my jobs is a proof works for people and some publish 5-7 e-books a year. This is a very personal decision and I would advise you to give time to your choice of publishing route. Thank you for allowing me to answer your question. Mark Davis, MD
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As common as books are, one might think that publishing a book is going to be an easy ride. But am afraid it takes more than just writing to make that dream a reality. Most beginners lack the financial strength and connection to go about self publishing. This is where the rope hangs in publishing. But luckily for writers, there are quiet a number of publishing companies who can assist in such undertaking.
Am unable to make a recommendation at the moment on one of such publishing services as I stated above. But if you do a research, am certain you'll come up with a reliable company that can assist you. Most of those companies put in their own money to promote and publish your book on a prior arrangement between the company and you. This is only possible if they accept your book in the firat place. After which they can take up the everything involbed in the process of publishing on your behalf. Some of these companies even have outlets in different regions where your book after piblishing will be put in the market. So depending on the contract, you might have thousands of copies distributed all over upon the first publication which o think is a good step for creating awareness.

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