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Development of a new unique ideas would be the best way to start with your new movie writing. 

There are so many ideas one can focus on and write something creative. 
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You'll have to flesh out your ideas extremely well. Make sure you have a plot established, then just start writing. It's okay if the first draft is crappy - it's supposed to be. You can always go back to edit it. 

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If you have a good idea you want to share with others in a form of a movie then you should do the following:

Write your ideas and put them together so that you have a coordinated story.

Start writing your story in scenes and make the narrative flow and write in a straight forward sequence as if you're telling a friend the story.

Let your storyline be interesting,write the story in such a way it will stimulate more reading that way it would help keep the interest of the readers

Show your written idea which is now a story to few family and friends for their little comments or input but your decision on the inputs which be final,because you're the originator of the idea and you know better.
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Imaginations, deep meaning of your thoughts, movie script for me isn't just an idea, it's include imagination. I use to write a script before when I was in my grade, but that was just for my class project and we will have to have to paly with it. It easy to write a script once you have an idea how you wanted it works, how to the scene be going,and what is the concept of the script. The hardest part is, if you put life to the script rather than it was just word by word. Deep meaning with the dialogue you going to write should have meaning and connected to it's plot or scene. Remember not to over due or lack it because it will become dull. Also, create or write a script when your mind is ready to explore everything, and find some place or event that will enhance your script writingskills.
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If you have taken a closer look at the kind of movies that have been written and acted, you would see that it's like all the movies topics has been exhausted and they are all being repeated with new topic, new characters but the plot would be the same thing with different setting.

So, in my opinion when you are looking at turning your ideas into a movie script, I would seriously recommend that you try as much as possible to think out new ideas and something very interesting and intriguing as well as being unique as well in order to make your writing to be distinctly different from all the other movies that have been written and acted in the past.
It's very annoying when one gets to watch a supposedly new movie but have to link it to another movie of being almost the same thing.

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