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If you have a good script then meeting with film makers or any movie company shouldn't be a problem because film makers are always having eyes for good movies and it wouldn't be a big issue convincing them to buy your scripts.

You can start by finding out about film markers handles online  and sending them a DM to alert them about  Having  a good script for them to schedule meeting them
If you don't know their handles then get to where they do have reversals and meet them one on one ,for those you can't meet,try getting their numbers to call them for a meet up

Try to meet up with many producers and companies as possible, so as to be in a better advantage at bargaining with each to get a better offer.
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If you got a skills in writing script, then you are in with media. Find any company you want to work with and look out if they are looking for a scriptwriters. If they don't have, maybe if you have samples of script, you can leave it or sent at the company so they look at it along with your personal details,  where to contact you and how. If they going to like your script and if you are lucky, maybe you will have a shot and get the job as scrip writer. If you don't get any response front he company, be diligent to come back anytime to show them you are really keen and you have the interest to do the job in their company. Might one day you will get the shot, who knows right? Sometimes, it take hard work to get the job we really wanted, in the end it worth it if you get it.
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First, make sure that your script is properly formatted and doesn't have any simple grammatical errors. Then, you need to determine your target demographic. Depending on who your target audience is, you can approach certain studios in that niche and pitch your script to them. If it's good, you'll probably find yourself with a sweet movie deal!
There are probably studios looking for scripts on job boards, if you want to look there. You can also post ads or contact them over social media. Don't be pushy if they say they don't take submissions, but if you stumble across a site that does, be professional in your submissions. You should try and sell your skills and make yourself seem like a hot ticket, without being cocky or arrogant.
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