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I am not sure if this is the universal definition of Urbanization, but from what I observed in our life to day, people are all transferring to the city, which we call Urban, because they have work in here. They live in a place near to their work or source of income because it is hard to commute or transport from province to city if you will do it everyday. From those who are working in farms, since the local government failed to support them, instead of growing farms, they look for jobs in the city to make their family live and to survive the odds of life. In the city, there are lots of modernization and innovation happening. It is a good experience that one can use everywhere so they will just work in the city and be added to the over population that is living in urban community.
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Yes I think urbanization  has a universal definition and it means one and the same thing which is the movement of people from the rural areas to the urban areas which includes towns and cities for whatever reasons.It is when almost a good percentage of people leaves the villages and local communities moved  to move into  a more developed areas and how the developed areas adapt to this movement.

This movement happens in all countries so it definitely not a national issue but an international one.people in farm settlements and interior villages are coming out daily to live in an area's that they know there are availability of better standard of living and this act is always tagged urbanization by all.
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The definition of urbanization universally is actually the place where those who have migrated from rural areas go to. Additionally, it's also a place that boast of all social amenities that can not be found in the rural areas. And this is the main reason I supposed many move from country sides to the urban cities.
The urban cities have all the infrastructures, job opportunities, social amenities like pipe water, good road, hospitals, etc. In comparison to rural areas you will see that there are no such things mentioned above that make life sweeter and enjoyable in the rural areas.
Urbanization also happens to be the commercial area of every country where all business activities take place. These business activities are essential to the economy growth of the country. In a nutshell, urbanization is the centre of all commercial and business activities that have all the social amenities which attract those in the rural areas who are in search of good life.

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