Do you think it is a biological weapon used to reduce our population? Or is it a prototype of something more to come? This virus originated from China yet they didn't inform countries of it until it was late. All I pray is that if this virus was a planned attack, the perpetrators will not go scotfree until the blood is avenged.
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terrible stuff so many lockdowns damn it was so annoying but am glad it is now going

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It is unclear story for now. One says that a staff me,ber was infected while working with virus prototype. Another one says virus came from bats. Others say it is a weapon that was allowed to leak from laboratory. And no proofs yet.
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I believe that it was made by China has a weapon. They will not admit it. But it was a trail and something more dangers are coming. 
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The virus was in their country in 2019. Yet their allowed people to travel in their country perhaps for selfish reasons. Funny thing is that they were not sanctioned. It is like this days countries get away with evil deeds.
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I think that despite the fact that today we all know what this disease is about, there is a lack of information about the disease and about the medications, they do not seem entirely reliable to me
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Whenever I see WHO's director(I have forgotten his name) and Dr Anthony Fauci on tv, it looks like they are puzzled.
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I think of the coronavirus to be a very highly risky disease and I consider it a threat go to the modern society and it should be avoided.
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Thanks but how do you avoid a disease or virus? It is not visible.
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What i know that chinese people eat everything like dogs and cats ,rats they eat anything walking on the i don't surprise that corona virus came from them.they are the source of viruses and disease.
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They are very sick people. Just take a look at what they eat. Isn't this enough to infect someone?
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I think this Corona Virus is planned by the country of China to control the world. They would want to produce more vaccines like what they do to export mass production of many products exported all over the world. From this virus, they will do this as business as usual to produce more vaccines to be exported by other countries. This will be a never-ending problem and a continuous business on their side which is good for them.
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China must not gain world dominance. If not this world will be in trouble. From pollution to invasion of privacy to the alien city just to mention a few.
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Corona Virus Come On 2020 And Effected The Whole World. These Kind Of Virus Come After Every 100 Years Like Malaria Or The Spanish Flu.
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Corona virus as we all know as been a serious problem to the world, the virus has penetrated every nation of the world, causing some economy to fall, though it's gradually fading away, it is still a threat.
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Corona virus is totally deadly, the findings,variants and any kinds of it is horrifying. I hope this ain't endless, because there's no safe place if it didn't end. And most of all, we will all die if we are all locked out with limited supplies of our needs
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