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I own my home and don't have any written contract with my roommates. One I have given 30 days notice to that I am evicting her. I don't trust her at all she has become a liability as she does not lock the door and loses her keys constantly. I don't know if I can take any legal action cause I'm so worried she'll steal things or trash my house because not mentally stable.
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You can politely tell him/her to remove those trash too, reminding him/her that the trash also belongs to him/her only .

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It is a worry when you have a person like this living in your house but for your own peace of mind you have to get rid of her. Leaving the door unlocked and losing her keys is not acceptable. Has she threatened to trash your house or are you just worried that she might? If the worst comes to the worst  you will have to call the police and tell them what has happened and  let them deal with it.  Try not to get angry with her before she leaves because it will inflame the situation and she is more likely to seek revenge. Be pleasant and say you are sorry it has come to this and say you hope she finds somewhere nice to live.

If this is not possible and she becomes aggressive  you will need to be careful. Make sure you are around when she moves out if possible because it's doubtful she will do it in front of you and make sure you get your keys back. My son had a similar problem once and the guy would not give the keys back, He had to change the locks so be prepared for the fact you might have to do that. I hope you find a solution to your problem.
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You need to take actions if you are so worried about it. You even mentioned that she is mentally unstable. The behavior you described depicts and irresponsible person with a lot of personal issues. You should have made it legal but that's in the past now.

All you have to do is to report to the authorities Just in case. Secure your life and property first.Then you should try and speak to her very maturely about the reason you are evicting her for some sense of reasoning and your own peace of mind. Hearing what she has to say may give you a hint about her next action. You ought to be more careful about the kind of people you let in.
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If she already steals things from you or trashes your house, she should be in the police. You should already file a complain in the police because she is making you uncomfortable already. Stealing things is a crime already. I think if she is not mentally stable, she is having a struggle on her own, and no nice talks or serious talks can be taking in the middle. I guess some people should be in the middle as a witness once you need to talk or get her evicted immediately in your house to avoid you from stressing out too far. No one has the right to give us inconvenience anyway. For sure you did what you need to do for her to understand what she is creating but from what I read on the question she is getting too far and this is very serious when she is stealing things.
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You just have to go ahead with your decision and damn other consequences because if you will consider other consequences then you wouldn't go ahead with the eviction.

I hate room mates that wouldn't want to contribute to the upkeep of a home but want to enjoy a well maintained facility and in this case the person is a very careless person too.Some people can't be lived with no matter how we try.

So  dont care about if she will trash your home or steal your things just llet such a person out or better still try to be around when she is moving out to ascertain that she isn't moving out with your things and if she trying fighting then you could get security to help you out.
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Am just assuming when you let her in you didn't understand her situation, besides she's your friend, I don't see any essence of dragging in another third party in your issues. The best thing to do is try talk to her about the 30 day notice.If its not yet over, give her sometime as you try learning her moves and who she goes out with. When the thirty days will be over, please remind her and tell her its time to leave and you need to be serious no matter your friendship.

A good person will definitely leave. If she doesn't leave then you'll have to involve the authorities and explain to them how it started. Though it might not be the best solution to such a close friend, but at least you'll be safe and yours  stuff secured.
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As for me there is nothing wrong in having a room mate especially if he is responsible. And before i can take in someone to harbor i must ensure his is somebody that i know in and out not just a total stranger. I presume if your room mate is like someone i described you won't be afraid of things being stolen or room being trashed by her.

But this case is total different in the sense that your room mate is not someone i think you know because if you do you won't be worried about what she might likely do to your things now that you have evicted her. And to make matter worst she is not only mentally unstable but careless and a slob too.

If i was you i don't need anybody's advise on what to do next because doing so will be dangerous. She might turn on you and your things within 30 days eviction notice you gave her. The wise and best thing to do is to ask her to leave at this very moment since there is no legal contract biding both of you. With this action you will save yourself of the fear of her trashing your house and carting away with your valuable belongings.
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Hi. If you have already handed her the notice, have you not also talked to her about this? I think giving an explanation about why you want to evict her will make the situation a bit lighter. Even if she is mentally unstable, I think she is aware of what she has done and how careless she has been.

Moreover, I don't think you should not make legal actions immediately if she has committed to comply with the 30-day notice. After all, you said she might just do it. Invoking legal measures might just aggravate the situation. She may end up hating you and seeking for revenge for what you have done. Then again, this all boils down into talking things out before actually doing something. 

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