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Weight loss story is about your own story of from you being fat to being healthy thin. Care about your stories like that?
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I am not certainly became fat when I was in my teens but I was chubby, I find it hard to breathe if I am chubby, and very rounded face too with big tummy. I just lost weight when I started my college and working at the same time in a food canteen.

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My weight loss story dated back in the days when i was overweight. It all started when i realized i was becoming too fat and those around me were kind of unpleasant with their words about my weight especially close friends and family members. It was really hurting every time they reminded me how i look and the feeling was usually heightened when i see how others are fit and good looking.

After thoughtful consideration of the situation, i decided i will have to do something drastic about it. With that decision brought forth the motivation to start doing the needful to achieve my weight loss goals. I began with simple fitness practices by being more active and not sedentry like couch potatoes. I partnered with my fitness enthusiast friends, and we started walking out together.
I was aware that all the routine exercise will not make much impact if i continue eating unwholesome processed foods. I went online and i did thorough research on what to eat and not what to. To cut long story short, after few months of these practices result became inevitable. That was how i went from overweight to looking healthily fit.
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we have the same story. Everyone look at me like I look depress when I became fat that is why little by little I started to change my attitude towards losing weight. 
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Oh I do. It wasn't a massive weight loss because some people noticed and spoke about it while others didn't. Perhaps they thought not to but I know that I could tell the difference in my body. I was around very skinny people and when I gained weight, it bebecame evident.

I started thinking of healthy ways to lose weight fast. Exercising wasn't an option because I had such busy schedule. I started to reduce the portions I ate and I restructured my eating time. I stopped the traditional three times a day and i ate only when it was appropriate for me. I drank a lot of water and I took more fruits and nuts. My eating habit become more like intermittent diet even when I wasn't even aware about it.

After like three weeks, I started to see visible changes and I felt happy and accomplished. It wasn't easy but I needed to do it for myself. Now I always pay attention to what I consume everyday.
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Wow, that is a good one. Intermittent diet, I tried it but I am not very successful to do that for a month. I could only do that for a week or two. 
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Yes it isn't easy since you have to deprive yourself of what you want so that you can achieve what you need. It takes commitment. You can do it. 
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I think we you get used to it and if you are doing it continually that it became a habit it would be easier. I should try again and lets see what happens.
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Well,I'm still on my weight loss journey and I'm seeing my self getting to my desired weight as soon as possible. I have always been on the big side right from childhood, so it not as if it an adult thing.

I have always been called fatty years back in high school but I was never really serious with weight reduction until now, well,now is because I see the need to be trimmed,fit and stay healthy.

Being over weight isn't healthy so I'm trying to put a check to it now because of health problems like diabetes, arthritis, liver and kidney problem and even premature death.

I was 120kg three months ago but now I'm at 110 kg.I just joined a fitness site called OMAD.I eat once a day now and hope it will change a lot for me.
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Surely joining a fitness site will keep you motivated as you will read a lot of things about dieting and weight reducing from the people who are doing it. I even have fitness app that I use as a guide for exercise.

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