However, though representing carefree-ness, the student populace around the world indeed carries a duty to perform. Since they are the community over which the present day generation will bestow the responsibility of the world, behaving in a proper and prudent way is always expected from them. But, quite unfortunately, nowadays this is one aspect at which the Gen-X of 22nd century falters the most. Instead of cordiality, fellow-feeling, and amiability towards the globe, the vibes of selfishness, coning and opportunism are the behavioral mannerisms of the contemporary young society. A primary cause of this can be attributed to the notion of how social media affects students with its various maliciously beguiling attractions. 

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Social media can only affect those students that don't know what they want out of life. If you are a focused and purpose driven student, I don't see how you can succumb to the distractions posed by social media. Only those students that are not serious are the ones that can be affected by the ever busy world of social media.
If not using social media in a right way, yes it could affect their lives by too much spending on social media and doing their homework and not concentrating on their studies.

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Social media brings a big impact on Students. As I observed online, some students are envy on some students when they see them posting about their cars online, going to school. Some are posting luxurious things which belittle some students. However, some students are open-minded with this kind of things that they use social media to uplift themselves because maybe they don't have luxurious things at present but they will in the future if they will just make their dreams come true. I feel bad when it affects them. They don't need to feel sorry about themselves because they can't have other students have. I just hope that there are people posting quotes or messages about having it all doesn't mean you are successful. What is important is your conscience is clear and you are doing good thing.
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Social media is really a distraction to students,the spend more time viewing and responding to chats that will add little to their well-being than doing their home work or studying after school.If parent need the kids to concentrate, there shouldn't be internet connection on any phone handed to a child.
That is true, and it also happen that they can get bullied because of posting something on social media.
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Of course it affects. Have you seen a young person without smartphone on the street, in the restaurant or in another place no matter which one in recent few years? Social media mostly distract students from other important things. Here is a small article with more detailed explanation. There are a lot of research papers on what effect social media causes in peoples life.

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If we use the social media sites in right way, it is fine. Because being touch with the social media helps us to know the latest newses easily. Nowadays, many students who use the social media in right way they improved their career. Not only students, many businesses also use social media to attract the customers in all over the world.
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In social media even cause bad thing and good thing to the students. Social media helps to students by their education , examples essays , assignments and other school work and academic works are done with these media . Reference is easy identified with social media to students . Same way social media is caused bad thing to student's unwanted chats and induced suicidal ideas .
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Social media has a good side and bad side.Social media indeed affect students.But how it affect depends on the person who use it.It is a big platform to get and share information.Since today every student use social  media one can pass any urgent news to everyone in a short time.The students who use it for academic purpose it is a great platform.But problem arises when students start to misuse it.Social media mislead many students.Some students use it every time that they get addicted to it.It is a dangerous situation.So it is entirely depends on the person who use it.If they use it in right way it is good otherwise it is bad.
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Social Media has its impact on student in both ways positively and negatively. But nonetheless social media now a days very much important for a student to get daily update of everyday's world. If a student uses the social media the right way that he/she supposed to be then they can be benefited from the information that social media provides. Now almost everything in the world become online to reach maximum customers. so social media is a valuable platform to promote, sell, and spread awareness. it can help a student life by giving him knowledge about latest job vacancies, trending technologies and so much more. so from my point of view social media can be a blessing if being used properly.

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Yes social media has both positive and negative effects on students. Let's look at the positive ones before taking it to negative effects. Social media has been of good help to students since it is a major source of information and students need to access this information as much as they can. On the other hand social media takes most of students time and concentration. For instance you find students twitting while the lecturer is lecturing.
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Social media can have both good and bad effects on students. Students should know how to use it so that they would benefit from it. Social media could be a great way for students to stay connected with each other and share their thoughts and help one another and exchange lessons and tips. They can join groups like on Facebook that are specific to a certain subject and ask and answer other students' questions.  But it can also have a very bad effect on them. Social media can be very distracting and we see most students nowaday are neglecting their studies and focusing more on social media platforms trying to become ''famous''. It's a total waste of time if you don't use social media platforms in a way that's beneficial to you.
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Social media can be a force for good and for positive change.  However if a student is on social media and being bullied or put down, the student needs to get off social media.  They could create a fake profile.  But I don't recommend it.  Why can't you be real?  Why can't you be yourself?  If you were in an environment and that environment was hostile, scary, etc., would you want to stay there?  If the social media network is the same as a frightening dangerous physical environment, there is no law that says you have to be there.  LEAVE!!  It's a sign of maturity and smart thinking and protecting yourself.  Oh sure!  You could report the people harassing you to the Zuckerberg-types in charge of the network.  But ... the social media giants are wrestling with some really Big Monsters like Russia and Iran.  They're kind of busy and your "problem" might not be a priority.
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Today social media had very big effects on students in both right or wrong way--

Some advantages of social media for students-

* It contains all the answers which students want.

* It makes reach of students to their school teachers from home.

* It gives many ways of learning which students wants. 

Some disadvantages of social media on students-

* Sleep deprivation.

* Cyber bullying

* Lower self-esteem etc.
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There are two sides to using social media, either good or bad. In general, most teens are using them. It is how modernization has been influencing them. We cannot stop them because it is a way of being connected with their friends. However, they need to be guided. There are some instances that they were in trouble or in a difficult situation, such as being bullied, victims of predators, 

The pros and cons vary in people's way of thinking. At present, we need to be vigilant in using them. Social media has various fake information or news. We need to consider spending time to research about a particular issue or concern. If we cannot do this simple course of action, it will result to having misnomer facts.

These days, we need to secure ourselves and same with the students against scammers or hackers. With this pandemic, more and more evil deeds are happening because of them. If this pandemic will continue, the more they will take the chance of cheating innocent people.
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Social media just like any other thing in the world, when misused can have adverse effects. We have seen many student using social media for wrong purposes and end up being tied to the social evils witnessed in the society. 
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Social media can be proved to be a boon Or curse based on it's use. If enables students to share knowledge on various platform, understand concepts, understand different perspectives on various topics and share information. However, it can also affect the students in a bad way. Many people post unnecessary stuff on social media for the sake of publicity. Also, a lot of scams happen on social media. One needs to be careful while using any platform on social media. 
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Yes. Social media effect not only students. All the ages of humans Will be effected by social media. It shows more effect on all type of people
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