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Maintaining your household fabrics is very simple as long as you do it within the right timing.

Never leave bedsheets or towels for longer than 2 weeks, or they will get damaged (look yellowish and be really hard to clean aftrrwards). Ideally everything in the house (except curtains that can be used for up to three months) should be washed every 7-10 days tops.

Machine wash cold and use top quality soaps...avoid bleaching or using hot water as many May shrink... 
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The maintenance or washing of household fabrics can be done in an easy manner without putting strain on them, especially if done appropriately. House fabrics are important part of interior decor, therefore they must be taken care of with utmost caution. There is this practice of overwashing of our household fabrics whereby, we lauder them frequently causing them to lose their colours and radiance.

Actually, the washing of household fabrics can be done according to the texture of the fabric, as well as the soap used in washing them. If washing needs to be done on them, it should be within 1-2 weeks interval. And the soap should be mild on them, perhaps a non bleaching detergent can be used or better still a leathering bathing soap would be okay for laudering.

Lastly, the spreading of them on the robe should be done under shed or else the fabrics would be destroyed by intense sunshine, thus making them to fade and lose their brightness.

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