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Are you always negative or positive person? What impact it gives to you if you are positive or negative? Does it helps you? 
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I am a positive person because it enlightens me
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I am a positive person. Proof? I have joined answeree.com with the belief that it will pay!
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And it will! :)
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I am an optimist person where I see beauty in everyone's eyes.

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Being positive shouldn't be something negotiable in anybody's life. Positivity is an essential requirement in one's desire to achieve something phenomenal in life. You can't make significant progress in life if you're the type that's always negative. With that said, I must also admit that it's somewhat difficult to always stay positive especially with so much negativity in the world this days. That's why is very important for one to guide what he/she hears or sees because in this negativity is perpetuated. Even the bible said guide your heart with all diligence because in it springs forth the issues of life. Despite the fact that I am a positive somebody but I have acknowledged that for me to always remain in that positive state I must strive not to give in to negativity.
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I really love this answer and this makes me wonder a lot of things immediately. I do agree with you and this is something deep. I would love to copy and put it on sticky notes now.
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I have always being a positive person because the principles of positivity is simple.We can only attract the positives if we are positive minded and I'm working with this mindset and it actually working for me.

I run away from negative people because I don't need negative energies and vibes it actually kills my strength and it energy sapping, it really power draining. It like your power to be productive and fruitful is truncated by those.

Being positive makes life easier for me,I always good at the look side of everything situation and like magic it turns out right for me.Being positive makes life more beautiful because from afar we can sight the rainbow coloring our world. We only see bad things turning out good.
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If you are always positive then that is a good thing. I can be positive when my friend is having problems. I need to be positive because she will follow, but I am not positive on my own problem.
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I think I am a bit of both.I worry about things that may never happen sometimes but at the same time I am quite a cheerful sort of person. Worry does make me anxious at times when I don't need to be so I know I should try to focus on more positive things when I feel like this although I think it's just a character flaw.

I have a friend who never worries about anything until it happens. She is so positive about life even though she has problems and I wish I could be more like her. She says you should never worry about bad things until they happen but my theory is if you are prepared for the worst it won't be such a shock if it happens.

Having said that I'm not always anxious and I know there are many things I have to be thankful for. I have extremely good health for my age and when I see people half my age who suffer with poor health I know I have a lot to be grateful for.
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I have a friend who is always positive to me too. She said that I should not worry about things that is not happening as it is a waste of time. But I have to admit it is hard to be positive when problems are in front of me.
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Am always optimistic but in some circumstances no matter how much you try to be positive there will be no hopes.What I noticed is that, what you conceive in your mind will determine the results of the situation. If you conceive positive thoughts, the results will be positive and the same applies to negative thoughts. At times you might find that the situation is really hard and you cannot force yourself to be optimistic and the only way out is to be pessimistic.

Being optimistic has rarely helped me. In fact the past one week I was positive that I'll get my school fee in advance so that I can go to school on time but that never happened. I really lost much one of them being missing accommodation within the school. In fact I can count the circumstances had been positive and ended up yieldinge good results at the end.
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Sometimes the waves of life are against us but that will make us a person that is prepared to face another battle in life. It is still good to be positive when no one esle can.
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I like to think that I'm a very positive person because I like to visualize the best out of something, work towards the good and ignore the bad. However, I'm very realistic, I tell my self the truth when I clear see negative things about to happen and there's nothing good coming out of it. Even then I see the good by thinking that it happened for a reason.

Being positive is being optimistic about everything. Being negative is being a pessimist. It brings no good as it prevents you from moving forward for fear of the wrong things. Although others prefer to have a balance of both so as not to be too expectant or be dissapointed in the future.
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I like your answer, I am realistic too. I love to feel and think positive but I am accepting some negativity because sometimes it doesn't starts from us, but from the challenges. It is okay to feel bad when we do not get the results but we need to continue fighting.
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I tried as much as possible to be very positive in everything thing I do though there are circumstances that makes my mind to be a bit distracted especially in a scenario where of high suspense.
For instance there was a time I went for an aptitude test and the question were so tough that I had to reason critically before I could put some things on paper, while I was expecting the result, there were instances I was negative about  the outcome while sometimes i felt positive about it  and in the end it was a narrow escape.
It is good to be positive regardless because positivity is secret to healthy living,  negative persons are always depressed ,unhappy and dull all the time.
Negative people hardly generate ideas nor achieve greater things in life. Note it is easier to be negative but if you can overcome the pressure of negativity  to positive then success is guaranteed
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Positive or strong positive people inspires other people. it is good to be one, unfortunately it is hard for me to be positive at all times but that is the best attitude we should be developing.
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I am a positive person. I always look at the brighter side of things. If you are not positive about things in life, you cannot achieve anything and you may reach nowhere because, you may not try anything at all when you have negative approach towards every thing in life. If you are positive, it will easily open the doors of success.

On the contrary, if you keep on complaining about things that come your way in life and keep on crying and remain negative in everything you try, you will only be left behind every one else in the race. One should believe in the adage, if one door closes, another door will open. Life is full of chances.
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There is always a reason for everything. A great attitude is when you are not in doubts, always rejected but still you have a positive attitude that you will find success in the long run.
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I think I am both. To tell you the truth, I feel more positive towards other people's endeavors. Whenever they are in doubt, I always give them the boost and the right amount of pep talk (laughs) to encourage them to keep going.

However, when it is my turn to assess myself, I am often full of negativities. I have a very low self-esteem that's why I have rejected several ideas, which I thought would do me no good without even trying them. Although, this isn't always the case. As I become exposed in a series of life changing experiences I managed to accept that life isn't predictable no matter how much I analyze the situation. Hence, the best thing to do is to trust my instincts, keep going, and deal with the consequences later.
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Just like you, I could be easily positive to people that needs a cheering but I am not with myself. It is hard when you are in the situation. And a person with anxiety it is so hard for me to do that. 
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What often triggers your anxiety?
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I am not entirely a negative person and entirely not a positive person. Just like you I am both. Whether I become negative or positive is entirely determined by my mood and situation.

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