What do you think the admin of this site can do to make it better? Any advice or are you satisfied with the way it is? How often do you use the Answeree ask box or feedback page?
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I think the information on withdraing the earnings is not easy to find. I had to ask administration of site about that and got the response.
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Yes, i am satisfied with the way it is now. It is easy to navigate, answer and ask questions. The payment method is also good. I like to see the time and date of the question when asked .
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Maybe I can suggest that they should put points for the questions so that many will be encouraged to ask interesting questions. Many will participate here in Answeree for the question and answer portion. If you get badges there will be additional points for getting those. Once you get a good rank you can also get extra points. For sure many will be striving hard here to participate more to earn more which means members can reach the payout right away for withdrawal. Those who are active members will be given an option to get their payout in a lower amount than five USD. 
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Yeah. I go with you if you take a look at the statistics shown in each page you will see that there are few questions compared to the number of answers. The number of questions is even less than the number of users. Perhaps there can be like Crazyoff that gives 2 points for each question.
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