I do not know the meaning of SERPs in the Answeree rewards page. Please do you know what it means? The rewards page says that up to 500 bonus points for top performing post in the SERPs. Has anyone gotten this bonus points?
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ok so The full meaning of the word SERP is the Search Engine Result Page meaning this is the result page for the search engine
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Ok. Thanks but how does the bonus points then apply to this. Have you received the bonus point once?
sorry for not giving you the answer can you please tell it again as i am unable to understand this
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SERPs is the search engine research page. It is used to optimise the search engine to get accurate result. If our answers or question appears in top performing page, we will get the bonus. I didn't get it. It will be rewarded for top 5 ranked users.
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can you tell me that it is rewarded for top 5 users every month and how many points each user
Can you please ask admin  of answeree by sending a private message. The admin can give you accurate answers.
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