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When I was younger I had a very hot temper and would flare up easily. It still happens to me from time to time although I am much better now.  Do you lose your temper easily? How do you control it?

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Honestly, i once find myself in such situation of been temperamental. I was unable to deal with provocations calmly. Any little irritation usually get on my nerves and before you know it i have gotten enraged ready to do battle with the person that stepped on my toe. It was so bad that i used to fight literally on daily basis. It got to the point that my mom become highly disturbed by the frequent uncontrollable fighting attitude. There was a time my friend I was playing football with chased me down to our house and my mom was seriously ticked off with the whole embarrassment. But as time progresses i started learning how to manage my anger and i can say confidently now that i have matured to the point that even if you insult me or irritate me i won't react as i used to as it were when i was a kid. Interestingly, my mantra now is learning how to be calm in the face of provocation or irritation.
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I think age plays a big part in calming the temper but I think there are times when we all get a little temperamental, it's just human.
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You really spoke wisely my friend. With age comes maturity, and with maturity brings ability to control one's temper. Thanks!
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I have to say that I have episodes or series of episodes that I cannot control my temper. It usually happens at home when people are not using the logic and not trying to help me with problems at home, or mostly at work when most of my co workers are not cooperating and we have deadlines to meet. I can be hot temper when I have PMS. With all the pain and the people not helping you out which you expect them to be, really makes me get angry immediately. Actually, when I starts with my temper, it is hard to control the words that I said. I say everything I know and the people around me should know. I starts to shout at them that is why I really need to control and be calm when there are pressure around me. It does not always to be the other person, but sometimes I am the reason why I feel the temper.
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I'm not a hot temper person and I'm always grateful for that because I have a friend that turns red when he is angry ,in fact it will be so clear that he is angry and even property are not spared in that heat.

Getting angry is inevitable but when once it get to getting physical and destroying thing's then such a person needs some therapy and they are people like this and I don't envy them. I get angry as well but who doesn't but getting physical because one is angry is what I don't understand.

I will recommend the following for hot temper people

Leave the scene of a quarrel as early as possible

Try to calm yourself down and only talk where necessary

Seek  for a therapy if you can't still control it.
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Yes I am very temperamental and I haven't found the best solution to this yet. Whenever I lose my tempers, I tend to go a very far place and calm down myself but before going I always air out my thoughts to the person. This has been a problem for almost 7 years now and have tried consulting several people about the matter but they end up giving me solutions that have never helped me In any way.

I therefore decided to be calm and avoid anyone or anything that will make me lose tempers easily. Have opted to avoid arguments, people and anything can can trigger my tempers. That's why I always try as hard as possible to be occupied with few things here and there. Am also trying to be as friendly as possible although am that kind of an introvert. Whenever am not working online, you'll always find me watching movies or at times assisting in home activities.
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I don't have a hot temper. I can be as calm as possible in any situation. Sometimes often too calm. I know there are situation where I react differently and I owe that to the desire to be heard and understood. Outside that, I do not flare up easily. Sometimes tempers can be controlled.

I tend to analyze the situation. Is it necessary or worth the trouble that comes with losing tempers? Is the person really sensible and on a level of understanding as I am? Losing tempers is often not the solution because you'd do or say things that you'll regret and you may never be able to take them back. You anger will fade but the impression you left might linger forever.
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I can tell that you are a calm person from your posts. You have that quality about you. My partner is like you. I have never seen him lose his temper in 16 years.
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I am not hot tempered. I don't get angry easily and when I do, no one will know until I express myself verbally. I like this character in myself, it helps me to always be happy because I can control my hard feelings and this prevents me from dealing with quarrels and misunderstandings. I also know how to calm down someone who is hot tempered.
My sister is my opposite. She is so hot tempered. She gets angry so fast even if she is not sure that someone has wronged her. The problem with her is that she doesn't agree that she is hot tempered. I guess that is the reason why she has never learnt to control her temper. The first step to controlling a hot temper is accepting that you have a problem that you need to deal with.

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