Do you normally skip sleep? Are you an insomniac or just a workaholic obsessed with making money? Do you think that skipping sleep is good for your health?
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Sleep and rest is a very important activity that evet needs to be healthy. When am at home I usually sleep late because I don't have any work but I make sure am well rested for the next day even if I have to wake up late.

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Skipping sleep is not good for our bodies. Our body needs enough rest or sleep to get the energy for the next day. Before I have trouble sleeping I used to wake up between three to five in the morning. When I'm about to sleep I need to wake up for work but thank God for my sleeping habits already improved these past months. I try to sleep between seven to eight hours if I have work the next day or up to nine hours if I'm off the next day. I try to avoid six hours of sleep because I don't feel good the next day if I need to work. I feel so sleepy at work and I think I'm not doing well as if my energy is not that good. I do some massage to make me feel asleep and have a deep sleep at night. I'll be awake once I dream early in the morning but I try not to bother myself and try to sleep again. Sleep is very important to me to have enough energy for my work the next day.
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I normally sleep for 8-10 hours as i am taking evening classes for my college so i usually sleep at night 2 am and wake up at 12 pm in the morning
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Oh! Looks like you care a lot about your health. That is good as I am sure after waking up you will be a lot refreshed.
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As much as possible, I need to sleep at least 8 hours. Since I am having another stunt online, I might sleep less than that hour. I think we need to keep sleeping with the total hours mentioned.
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I usually Sleep 7 to 8 hours daily but during classes this can vary from 5 to 8 hours because of homeworks and stuff. It is important to note that having enough sleep is important you should always try to atleast sleep daily in order to have more energy for tomorrow's activities.
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I used to sleep at least 10 to 12 hours in a day. It is necessary to give our brain some rest. Eat well and sleep after some time after eating. Some raining night are good to have good sleep.
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According To The Survey, A Human Must Need To Complete The 8 Hours Cycle In 24 Hours. That Is The Best Amount Of Sleep Which Human Need.
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