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In addition to the advantages offered by blockchain technology, cryptocurrency has a lot of problems too, such as :
1. Changes in crypto prices are very unstable. One time, the price can rise dozens of percentage points and fall back at another point of time. This can allow us to get many benefits as well as lose too.

2. A lot of countries have banned crypto and prohibited crypto as a payment method.
3. A lot of projects related to cryptocurrency are potentially scam and are unable to fulfill their vision and mission.

4. Still, a lot of people do not know much about cryptocurrency and hence it cannot be adopted for all.
Under the circumstances, crypto cannot be viewed as an investment.
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Yes,I believe it can be viewed as an investment since we can make profit from it after investing in it. Of course the main aim of investing is to make profit off it and I know there a lot of sites that one can make money from ,from investing in cyptocurrencies.

Coin base is a wallet but also a place we can trade cyptocurrency too to make profit. As simple as buying cyptocurrency when it is low in price and selling it when it high in price is a good investment step.I know some people that made triple of their investment last December when Bitcoin price was double of the original price in Bitcoin. People that had invested in Bitcoin then made so much profit. So cyptocurrency can be viewed be an investment provided we invest wisely.
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Yes,  it is an investment, no doubt about it,  though the volatile nature of the crypto currency makes the investment to be risky such that who ever that want to invest in it must be prepared to either be patient or bear the loss in case it fails.  The price rises and falls at any time.
Lots of people have made good money from the investment,  people who succeed mostly in this investment are people that invest wisely and do not want huge profit at all cost.  For instance if the price falls to $6000 they quickly buy enough and once the price hit $7000 - $7500 they sell off immediately and then reinvest again at the dull period.
Most of the wallets used in storing these coins are very reliable because i have not had any case of scam from any wallets company so everything is safe with it
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Oh yes, investing in crypto currency is a cool means people make extra cool cash this day without breaking sweat. I for one is an example of such people that are reaping the devident of crypto investment.  I am paid 22% of whatever i invest monthly from my investment. I can say i am a beneficiary of crypto investment.
The thing you must know about crypto is investment is expected to be done when the market is stable which is the perfect time to sell  your whatever type of crypto currency you have in your wallet and it also of great wisdom and great of patience not to risk your investment during unstable volatile period because if you do so it might just be your undoing.
I will advise everyone out there to look for a reliable source to invest their money on crypto currency. The money you keep in your bank account is not an investment so look for ways to have it multiplied by investing it.
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Some of the crypto currency can be a way for some one to invest and reap a bigger interest in the future. I have been following trends and I must say that a whole lot of people have made a lot of money by being part of the recent bitcoin cash movement. This is a new coin that is different from bitcoin, but offer a kind of similar things to what bitcoin does. The developers are also working towards ensuring that the traders always have a better gain by investing on it.

The good side of some coins is that you will have access to them as long as you don't forget your wallet password which is a link for you to keep trading the coins as long as you want. Also, you can invest a huge amount in a particular time and reap the gains at a time when the price of a coin such as bitcoin has appreciated.
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No. An investment is when you sponsor an activity that produces goods or services to make a profit. Buying a cryptocurrency is a bet that you can sell for more than you paid to buy. No goods, no services, no value added, just a bet.
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