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Although jealousy serves as a perfect indicator in determining whether you are truly in love with someone or not but it also has own pitfalls especially if it becomes unhealthy to your emotional well being. In the sense that it can make you to start feeling insecure in the relationship. Mind you that insecurity in relationship is worst than cheating itself because it paralyzes your sense of reasoning. By feeling jealous maybe when you see your partner with a friend you put yourself in a harms way and if you are not the type with certain degree of self-restraint you could lose your comportment. And the consequences of such jealous actions could lead to constant misunderstanding between spouses. Ideally, there should be trust between the two partners. Jealousy in relationship is an enemy of happiness. Once there's mutual trust jealousy will not have room to thrive.
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Yes jealousy is very healthy in any relationship because it will show you're caring, loving and at least loyalty to your partner.What you ought not to do is overreact because it might lead to one being overprotective. Being jealous once in a while is very okay and you should let your partner be aware of that.

When I talk of jealous I mean don't be envious when you see your partner succeeding or something close to that. You need to be jealous with how your man relates with her female friends. You can spot the difference between a relationship which has jealous between the one and the one lacking jealous. Just from the way the couples talk to each other can make you learn a lot.
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Jealousy is not good for a relationship. While it may seem flattering sometimes because it shows that the other person really desires you, jealousy is driven by angry feeling which could be fatal if not controlled. If someone is always jealous, this means that they will always get upset. This also means that their might be lack of trust between the both of you.

If my partner is jealous all the time, they wouldn't trust you and you'll always argue over trivial matters. Trust and understanding must come first no matter the circumstances. I've seen people get hurt and relationships fail because their partner was a jealous type. Some people are swayed with little acts of jealousy but others cannot stand it.
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No I don't think  jealousy is a good emotion in a relationship. Love according to the good book should be devoid of envy or jealousy but pure bliss of just loving one another.

Jealousy in a relationship most often than not leads to bitterness,domestic violence,wife battery and a lot of restriction especially on the path of the woman.I think it better for a man not to be jealous of the wife and likewise the wife to avoid marital stress.

I have seen and read about how partners attacks one another because of jealousy and sometimes the reasons for the attack is false,mere seeing a partner with the opposite sex can trigger jealousy and the end result from such is never palatable.
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I think a little jealousy is healthy as it shows you care but not when it becomes obsessive. I think extreme jealousy is destructive and can ruin a relationship if it gets out of hand.

There has to be a certain amount of trust between a couple for the relationship to survive. I was very jealous when I was younger and would let my imagination run riot when I wasn't with my boyfriend. In the end he got fed up with constantly having to justify himself and ended things between us. Looking back it was completely my fault but I had been cheated on before which had made me insecure.

Now I am older I am much calmer. I trust the man I am with and don't imagine he is cheating on me every time we are apart. Trust is vital if a relationship is to survive.
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Yes, jealousy is healthy to a relationship, but it should be in the right amount. By saying that, I mean that it should not be the kind of jealousy that makes you act crazy. Jealousy is a sign of loving your spouse such that you would love it if they were only yours and that you don't share him/her with another person. I am not saying that you should act possessive in a relationship, if you realize that your spouse is happy with another person, you should be happy for them. You cannot prevent becoming jealous, but you can learn to move on and let him/her be happy.
Extreme jealousy is a bad thing in a relationship. It is a sign of low self esteem and insecurity. No one would love to be in a relationship with someone who is not secure and does not know his/her worth.
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Jealously is not a bit good in relationships. This negative trait does not but vitiates relationships where a lot of people are harmed, though they are not directly involved in the relationship. First, let's take the relationship of spouses. this relationship though intimate each partner needs space. If one starts falling on the other without reason without reason and that is converted to leg pulling; this is nothing but jealousy. This will instil bitterness in the relationship and may even severe it. Rarely does the couple realize their mistake and take steps to save the relationship in time. In an intimate relationship, there is no place for jealousy.

Where sibling jealousy is concerned, if parents are a little careful in the childhood this can be stopped, but at times the outside environment plays a vital role to revoke this trait. Friends and relatives sometimes try to spoil a relationship within the family. If they are grown-ups they should rationalize the whole issue and take steps to save the relationship. At such a stage introspection is very essential.

Hence for every relationship jealousy has no role to play. They never improve it but lead to disaster.
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Jealousy is part of every relationship. It reminds us that we are growing in a relationship and we cannot take our loved one be stole by someone because we cannot imagine living the life without them. Me, I get jealous when the person I like is happy with other person. It makes me feel I am not needed anymore. I turned down myself and avoid that person and sometimes I realized I did some mistakes, I should be fighting with what I feel. Jealousy is like you cannot take to no longer have the things that you once have. It will surely helps us to realize what we are lacking, our weakness and what we need to fix. On the other hand, it will help the relationship grows stronger because we will avoid some problems in happening that starts with jealousy.
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