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It's an antioxidant and caffeine has health benefits too like headache relief in an instant.

Because coffee contains a stimulant called Caffeine which is the most commonly used Psychoactive drug. Coffee beans contain this stimulant in a considerable amount. Drinks containing caffeine are included to reduce drowsiness and increase performance. Caffeine also stimulates the autonomic nervous system. So it is always advised to take only 2 cups of coffee per day. To know about the best coffee maker follow this link.

I drink coffee everyday..just one cup to start my day..I have tried to do some research on the benefits of coffee and I was able to see some of its importance..

What thing I discovered when I started drinking coffee is that it sharpens my memory.. I take things in easily and tend to recall easily.I didn't read this online..I'm just writing based on what I noticed..

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As you must know that coffee is a caffeinated drink that is parked with the goodness of caffeine that has the nutritional property of boosting one's energy just as it is with plethora of energy drinks we has around us. Basically what coffee do is to get your energy level elevated to its peak whereby you become good to go to perform any energy draining activity without feeling stress out at the end of doing it. Apart from this essential property it also has the potential of easy an exhausted someone from stress accumulated from energy saping tasks. Take for example during the day you were seriously engaged in streneous activity, you can decide to opt for coffee to help bolster your energy level.  Mind you that once your stress is eased up your mood is automatically set aright too. Although coffee has its own downsides but believe me its advantages outweighs its disadvantages.
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Coffee helps to make one feel better because it act like an antioxidant which helps to detox the system and give us a more healthy body. Studies shows that coffee contains some properties that aid cognitive reasoning which brings instant stability of the brain and makes one feel better even from the brain.

Coffee is a good source of nutrients that diminishes depression, diabetes,liver cancer ,disease and Parkinson's disease therefore promoting wellness and good well being.

Coffee drinkers are seem to have very low risks of getting down with some ailment that could be deadly or not,the most important thing is that one get more health benefits from drinking coffee than not .

In conclusion, taking some cups of coffee daily will add to the feeling good of the body due to some nutrients present in coffee.
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There are people who are a coffee lover that when they have a doze of coffee in the morning,they are back to regular programming. Some have good memories drinking coffee that is why they feel good immediately. Some are ill and drinking coffee will help them feel warm. For me, drinking coffee keeps me awake that is why I am drinking coffee in the office. It helps me feel focus on my task.I think drinking coffee or having coffee is something psychological and there are some good memories attach to it that is why they feel good after drinking it. Other than that, some says that it is the food for the brain because it helps you think and focus of what you needed to do because it keeps you awake. It is a good antioxidants and it depends on how you treat it.
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Coffee contains Caffeine which is the central system stimulant, this caffeine content in the brewed coffee helps us to feel better and energetic instantly. The average caffeine content of an 8 Oz coffee is 95 mg. Caffeine is added on the several energy drinks and the cool drinks available in the market in the acceptable amount, at the same time the government has not make any legal and regulatory procedures of the unhealthy methods of usage of caffeine in the food products and drinks. Having more than two cups of coffee are not advised, and you can check the amount of caffeine in each coffee products on the Nutritional info of the product package. You can check the Nescafe Alegria website and get more information on the Nutritional info of the Nescafe coffee products and the coffee machines.

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Drinking coffee makes us feel better instantly because it contains caffeine. The caffeine has relaxing effect on the body. It reduces the sleepiness and makes you feel refreshed.
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