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How can I gain an income by doing user testing online from home?
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User Testing is the site I know that pays you $10 after using the site and testing it. If you able to pass it, then you will get $10 and I have lots of friends earning from the site but I cannot say if that is the best one.
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The UserTesting is good and I agree you have to pass their test before you can have to talk clearly and with good grammar or else they will reject your application.

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I like Usabilityhub. It's not a fast paying site but they send you small tasks to do from time to time and I have cashed out twice with them. The tests have different values and you need to be quick to get them but if you switch on their notification system you will see them as they come in. The cash out rate is $10 and they are legit, you will definitely get your money,

Another site is Enroll and although I used to get tests from them I haven't had one in a long time, You only need $1 by the end of the month to cash out here. I think my location was a problem here as the tests always came in in the middle of the night and had expired by the morning,

I can definitely recommend Usabilityhub. Their support is good and will answer any questions you might have which is always important with a site.
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Do you need to pass a test before to be paid at Usabilityhuv?
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There are some very good paying testing sites online that one can work and get Paid for my  the only problem I personally encountered is just location problem.Most sites needs people from certain location. Some legit sites are:

User testing: This site needs testers for website testing.interested here then you should create account with them and take their test for is about $10-20 per 20mins of work.

Testing time; This is another site that pays well for is paid about £50 per testing that takes about an hour to complete and payment is via PayPal.

User feel: This is a website testing site that is free to join,just create account and take a test on the site for approval.payment here is via PayPal here too.
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Is all this testing site you mention needs to take some test for approval?

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