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What aspects should be taken into account when choosing a site?

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A lot of and various. In example. I used to live in Moscow, Russia. Participated in protests against tiran Putin in 2012 when he choose to became "president" third time. We lost it. Then I got acquanted with a girl in the beach. And it turned out that she is ukrainian. We lived for about 5 years at that location. Things goes worse. Business and salaries decreased year after year. We decided to move to Ukraine. Sold our flat. Bought two here. But I'm not an ukrainia yet. Only "green card" for ten years. And according to present times I am not in safe situation. Think twice. I had a plan to ask Canada for a view for living. But my wife's mother is ill. She have to be with her for a help.
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There are several factors to consider when choosing a site location, including:

Accessibility - proximity to transportation networks, such as highways, airports, and ports.

Zoning and land use regulations - regulations regarding the use of land and building codes.

Labor pool - availability of skilled and unskilled workers, and labor costs.

Market conditions - demographic data and market trends, including consumer preferences and buying patterns.

Natural resources - availability of resources such as water, energy, and raw materials.

Competition - proximity to competitors and market saturation.

Political and economic stability - stability of the local and national government, and the local economy.

Quality of life - factors such as climate, housing, and social amenities.

Tax incentives - tax breaks and other incentives offered by local and national governments.

Environmental and sustainability considerations - potential impact on the environment and the community, and the availability of sustainable resources.
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Factors to consider in site location include access to transportation, labor availability, market demand, zoning regulations, environmental impact, and proximity to suppliers, customers and competitors.
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When choosing a site for a business, there are many factors to consider. These include the availability of resources such as water and power, access to transportation, the size and shape of the land, the zoning regulations of the area, the cost of the land, the potential for growth, and the proximity to potential customers. Additionally, it is important to consider the environmental impact of the location and the potential for natural disasters.
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Accessibility. Any location you consider should be easy to access. 

Competitors. Check for compatibility with nearby stores when researching a site. ...

Parking. ...

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