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Many studies are now appearing with the earth is flat and it is very confusing and yet interesting to know what is the truth about it.

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No,the earth isn't flat but rather spherical. Several proofs have been put I place and some of them include: circumnavigation( if you decide to go round the globe, you'll come back to the same same place). If the earth was flat, someone could land on a totally different place. Another proof is the earth's horizon which is always curvy from a high tower view. Finally we have a ship approaching the boat. The smoke is always seen first before the whole body shows up. These are realistic proofs and very practical.

Those claiming that the earth is flat should also come up with there practical proofs instead of relying on the Internet which doesn't give realistic proofs. I believe more in practicals than theories and I'll never believe the earth is flat till I get proofs.
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There are many videos and studies presented on Youtube, have you tried watching their studies? if so what do you think of it? do you think those are reliable?
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I believe the earth is spherical and not flat. There are many proofs that makes perfect sense. Tangible proofs as there are sattelites mounted by humans on space  have been used to capture useful information like that. I wounder why with all of that, some group of people still believe it is false and that earth is flat.
If the earth was flat, the whole world would have been experiencing daylight and night time at once, but because the earth is a sphere that revolves around the sun, only the parts that face the sun at a time while it revolves experience daylight. We also have the difference in time, because of revolution, some places are an hour behind others and it goes like so. If not we would all have same time zone.
There's so many more proofs to know that the earth is a sphere and not flat. If flat earthers can come up with a more concrete proof, perhaps we may grant them listening ears.

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