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Do people tend to overlook what is morally wrong because they are practicing their free will and should not be judged by others? 

Is something right because you want it to be right ?

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Yes, if you are agree with me the our moral values are degenerating geometrically on daily basis, this is basically due to level of technological advancements which I term to be the negative impacts of technology in our moral and cultural values.
God created us to be male and female for a purpose,  God encourage marriage between man and woman in order to reproduce and multiply,  today we see lots same sex marriages and it well accepted my some people to be right.
Lots of immoral activities are been committed by our religion leaders who are supposed to be the ambassadors of moral upbringing without regrets.
Abortion, internet frauds, stealing of government funds, the act of favouritism and lots more are now order of the way of which all this things do not conform to our moral standards.
The sad part is that their lawyers to always defend provided their is money.  A criminal walk freely
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So then free will is getting the better of society. Is it what the society needs though? Do you think that people know when they do wrong but still do it anyways? 
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For sure people knows when they do wrong things and they comfort themselves with the fact " it is the trend " slogan or they believe that they can always sick for forgiveness from God 
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Yes people overlook most things whether right or wrong to just do what pleased them and they believe no body is in any position to judged them especially if they believe they are not hurting anyone through their action even if it obvious they are.

There's a thin line between morality and free will.people just use their free will to the extreme and moralists does same.So if one is to jump to one end, one is either going to hit any of these without missing to get attached to one of it.

Somethings can't never be right,no matter how we want to decorate it to be right.Whatever is morally wrong remains in all don't need to be judged for it to be cleared that, that particular thing is wrong.
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Do you think there's some feeling of guilt within individuals?

Or is there preference determinant of good and bad? 
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The issue of moralilty and free will has been on debating table right from time immemorial. One shouldn't be surprised that it resurfacing every now then on how people are living their lives.

Morality is essentially the inner judgmental compass in an individual that help him/her to differentiate right from wrong thereby guiding him/her what to do and not what to do. For instance, you are in the know zone that stealing is bad and your inner voice is telling you to go and steal for whatever reason. What do you in that situation? That's where your morals comes in. If you give in means you have lost it but if you don't it shows you're morally upright.

On the other side of the divide is free will. Free will can cause you to act against your moral values because it tells you that you're free from any moral obligations. And so there can never be thin line between them. If you are moral you don't go with your free will because if you do you stop being seen as such.

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