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As an inspiring athlete, I want to know if there is any training that will help me to speed up my running.

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Well, the first step is to have a check up done in your preffered doctor that way you can access if your body is doing alright, if you need vitamins or anything special to have your performance improved...or even if you could actually be an athlete (for example check if you have any heart or breathing problems or anything of the sort). Then when you have positive results saying you are good to go you can start exercising and having constant training by a professional coach. You can have a coach and a personal trainer (or even trainers) beside you to have you in a training routine with a goal, that way your progress can be analysed and then you will have ways to improve what needs to be imporved,
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Training for speed  and running will need some cardios exercises to acquire stamina and strength.Running most especially will need you having the stamina to run for a very long time and to get this stamina one needs to do some stamina inducing exercises like jogging,swimming, trekking long distance and skipping. Doing this every 2-4 times weekly will help one develop good strength and stamina to be able to apply speed and agility while running.

Getting speed while running might also needs one rehearsing daily to run fast, just get your tracksuit and boots and get out the door like daily and go running. Practice makes perfect run a distance daily or weekly and before you know you're run miles in near future.
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Obviously the best form of training to increase speed while running is constant training from time to time. You have to be discipline and determine to do the needful in this regard. And you have to keep up with the progress you are making. For you to see positive result in your training routine you need team of trainers that are seasoned athletic professionals with winning track records, then you can follow this up with certain athletic paraphernalia like elastic waist rubber band(with this you can train on the spot while someone is holding it) which will help in building your stamina and strength needed for long distance running. With the help of this resistant exercise you are good to go to the next phase of your training. Thereafter you can then start running long miles without getting tired easily. Please check in with your doctor to ascertain how fit you are for your series of trainings. If need be get your glucose by your side as you train regularly.
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It is good that you are looking forward to making it as an athlete. One of the drills that you should be using is swimming exercising as this is something that I saw the successful Usain Bolt use in one of the documentary about how he trains before major events. Football superstars such as Bale and Ronaldo also make use of the swimming training as a way to boost their speeds as wingers.
Another way to build up your speed level is the way that you focus on using cones to run short distances as well. This is one way to build your endurance level mainly if you are looking at running at 100 and 200 metres. You always get to build pace as running at short distances will prove to be fruitful. Also, you should ensure that you take the right meals to boost the fire that is in your belly before each run.
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Remember the saying that practice makes perfection, it's absolutely true when it comes to being able to improve on your speed. There is no way of getting to increase your speed without getting a lot of speeding enhancing drills that would help sharpen your agility, acceleration and fitness. If you have low fitness, low agility and low acceleration, there is no way of getting to have an increased speed when you are running because you are most likely going to pass or gas out within the shortest possible time.
There are so many drills which you can take-up in order to increase your speed, some of them are practicing shuttle runs, long run, mountain climb exercises, lunge exercises, swimming, cone running drills and croaching with ladder drills.
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