Why is kimchi soup a good wintertime food?
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because, it is hot and it has tons of ingridiences so it will feed your stomach up. There are vitamins in it like B

and also proteins.But I have to say that I know a lot of people that do not like it and when I see them declining this yummy food I am am like whaaaaaaat?
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From your answer I came to understand that you like the soup every much. Since it is healthy , it will not be tasty. That's why so many people are hating it to have.
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Well fermented Kimchi gives us a lot of minerals and protein. Tofu and pork give us proteins and calcium. So it is good for health.
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Because kimchi has an excellent nutritional profile..the dish is low in calories but packed with nutrients like iron,folate and vitamins B6 and k. 
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