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I think I was very competitive when I was younger. I always wanted to be a little in front of everyone else although not so much these days. How about you?
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I am not competitive type of a person because I don't need tonprove something to win something.
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Naturally, I'm not that too competitive but I would never really back down from anything or anyone who brings the war of competition to me. 

I would compete till I come out on top with no compromise. 

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We cannot deny that to be the best at whatever it is that you do, There has to be some sort of competition. The World is dominated with people in different fields and to emerge as the best, you need to be better than the next person. I've had my own fair share of competition especially while schooling. Not anymore Now.

To be honest though, I hate to be competitive. I like to run my own race to the finish line. All flowers do not bloom at the same time. There's a unique path for everyone so I can compete to the promised land in my own way and we'll all still get there. The only person I need to compete with is the other woman in me that holds me back.
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Yes,I always love to be competitive in a very positive way, in fact I just love to conquer myself this is to say I love to do more and be the best and a lot better than what I'm used to.I love healthy competition because it bring out the  best in any one. Being competitive in an ever changing world  is crucial so as to set one's priority right.Seeing ones achieved much and appreciated can make one do more and still think out wayb to win.

I love competition because it makes me work long hours so as to keep up with my competitors and I will know how far I can go with things I have in mind to do.Being competitive is unique and makes one yearn to do more.
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Competition makes one stronger. Of course yes, I am very very competitive but it depends with which sector because some competitions don't really suit me at all. The only sector I always compete is academics. Through this competition, I usually find that I have really improved and always aim higher.

There's a certain saying in Swahili which says, a person who doesn't want to be defeated isn't a competitors. Therefore, you should always be aware that you'll never be the winner always and at times your competitors might give you a big range. The last time I had a very stiff competition was in high school. I was terribly defeated but never gave up.  Its always said, when you fall down, pick up yourself, clean off the dust and continue with the race. That's exactly what I did and I surely reaped good results in the long run.
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Yes, I am competitive. I have been since childhood. I remember I would always want to be the first in everything. Even in class, I would work hard so as to come first in my exams. Even at home while eating, I would eat so fast so that I was the first to clear my plate.
Right now that I am grown up, I still compete but not extensively as I was as a child. In campus, I have a group a group of friends who we study together. Some of them are more clever than me but I still compete with them such that I score more in exams, CATs and assignments. This has been so helpful for me because it pushes me to work hard in my studies.
I also compete with some of my friends in terms of fashion and the things that trend. I would feel so disappointed when one of my friends wears the newest fashion of a dress that I haven't.
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Competiveness is relative in terms of its definition. As for me i am competive because i am not trying to undo other people but improve on myself on daily basis. But there are those people who there competitive nature is as a result of jealousy and envy of what their fellow man has achieved or acquired.

It might excite you to know that we have healthy and unhealthy competition. They are those who compete to get best of there fellow man even if it requires them destroying that person(unhealthy), while on the other hand, we have those that are in competition with only themselves in trying to be better than the person they were yesterday(healthy).

You can judge for yourself that competitiveness is always good if the motive for is positive and healthy. And my question will be then, are you competitive healthily?
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I can be influence to be competitive if everyone around me are competitive but me alone, I think I am not. I can be competitive on the things I really know to do. When I know something, i can be very interested to know the techniques to make it easy for me. Also, if there are things that i really want to happen, if it needs to be competitive, I can adjust myself to be competitive but not always competitive. In competition, you can know your weakness and strength. Sometimes you make things possible for yourself but I think I am not the exact person that is competitive. If I am around people who are competitive for sure I will be influence to be one but not all the time. For me it is hard to give hundred and more efforts. I must be really interested.
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I, too, am very competitive when I was young. I think that's because being able to surpass others provides validation and recognition that I am actually doing something right. And with that comes this feeling of satisfaction because I made my parents proud, and other people started to notice me or like me.

But I as grew older, that sense of competitiveness has slowly disappear. I think I have come to realize that being on top won't really make me happy. But that doesn't mean that I'm settling on being average. Rather, I'm more inclined into my personal growth, and just be in competition with myself and not with other people. For me, it's like saying, I aspire to be better everyday rather that being better than someone else.

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