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Yes, long working hours do have an effect on family relationships. Childs simply do not see their parents. They grow themselves on an unpredictable way.
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The tiredness and angry will be put on family members.  Better to take rest in between. The health which is lost cannot be regained by the money we earn.
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Yes. It can have an effect on a person, both mentally and physically. And it definatly affects the family. It can go as far as resulting in divorce. When a family spents a lot of time apart it invites bad energy and it normally ends bad. 
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It will definitely affect the relationship between the family and work. It means life is not balanced and will take a toll for having family problems.
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Absolutely. Working long hours means little time for family. It is important to spend time with family. If one works too much and prioritizes work over family, they will drift apart.
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Excessive working hours have a negative impact on mental and physical health. Farmers in Australia have the longest working hours. On average, Australian farmers work an average of 60 hours a week. Second place is held by miners. Meanwhile, the study found that Australians overwork more than two billion unpaid hours a year. In other words, employers underpay their employees about $72 billion annually.
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Yes it has a big effect. You're already having too much time at work rather than to bond with them. That's why we should balance our time and try to keep a high energy at home to spend quality time with them.
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