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I see that most believe that Cartoons are meant for Kids only but I don't agree. I enjoy watching cartoons since I was a kid and enjoy till now but my parents keep telling me that watching cartoons is not good for Adults.
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Why is not good for adults, I don't know the reason behind. For me, I love watching Spongebob squarepants, I am an adult and it is always giving me a good feeling. 
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I love watching cartoons , I am 35 years old but one of my favorites are watching cartoons. I always admire animation makers for such a huge innovation that they use.
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I don't think that it is bad for adults. Watching cartoon is just another source of entertainment and it can be watched by anyone. 
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Yes it is some kind of outlet from all the stress we get from everyday. It is like the thing that will make you laugh because it creates a funny mode, just like my favorite, Spongebob square pants. 
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Of course, cartoons are also for adults, why wouldn't be? I enjoy watching it with my kids and if we pay attention to almost all cartoons and animations on theatres have jokes that only adults are able to understand. Besides that many of the newly released animations featured plots with a moral lesson, mystery and a great soundtrack, ingredients that usually adults love. There are a lot of children's movies that are in fact, family movies, an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with our children, to get into their world and discuss what we watched with them. :)

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Well, I don't see anything wrong with an adult watching cartoons and animation as long as the adult doesn't turn to behave like kids and their cartoon characters.

Watching cartoons can literally be one's leisure, so I'm not sure if it's something so bad to do. Cartoons makes one laugh and be happy, so it's good. 
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It's not bad for adults to warch cartoons, in fact its fun for adults too.

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I am sorry to know about that and I know how it feels when our own parents say that to us, we can expect to hear these sort of things from those who don't know us properly but hearing these things from parents is very painful. I know its a small thing but it shows that your parents and you are not on good terms and you should try to talk with them about it. It's a nice feeling to watch cartoons and enjoy our time and relive our childhood and I like to do that as well. I am sure we all can learn many things from cartoons these days and even kids learn so parents shouldn't stop their kids from watching them.
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I wonder why your parents have to say that, I wouldn't mind to know their reasons.I  still watches cartoons as an adult anytime I have to time to watch.

I don't think cartons are just for kids because some storyline are educating and one can learn life lessons from them too.

Apart from the entertaining part which I think it why i a lot of people watched them . it helps to keep a boring day lively,especially with some that have some mischievous characters that can keep one guessing their next action.

I don't think cartoon would dull one intellect as an adult if that is their fear,it rather help to sharpen it,that is why kids that watched cartoon always tend to be sharp.
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Cartoons are made to entertain kids but not restricted to kids. I'm a grown woman but I still enjoy watching cartoons and animation. They have very interesting exceptional stories that either keeps your mind wandering or leave an imprint in you.

Think about The story writing  all through to the production of cartoons. Adults are involved you know and they seem to enjoy what they do. If adults didn't have this much interest in cartoons, there wouldn't be this much available to entertain kids.

Cartoons are age appropriate. You can watch with anyone and you don't have to worry about content. I'll say, enjoy the thrill. If you decide to have kids of your own, that can be your bonding time.
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As far i am concerned, cartoon is not only meant for kids but also for adults. And another thing i have come to discover about cartoon as an avid lover of it is that, it's not only meant to entertain the viewers but to educate and enlighten the mind too, that is if taken seriously when watching it. Cartoon can never be said to be created for kids alone.

As for your case, you have to convince your parents that cartoon has essential cognitive benefits for adults apart from it be seen as children's mainstay movies or television programs.

You can also do more by taking the conviction a notch further with your parents by proving to them how watching cartoon has helped you improved your knowledge, as well as your vocabulary through your actions on a daily basis.

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