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I like to get up late in the morning and most of the times my parents dislike it and told me that I am not a Good girl and I should get up early in the morning and do all household chores. Is it bad to sleep till late in the morning? 
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It will not make you a bad woman. It will make you a bad woman if you are irresponsible of your actions and you are doing something unrespectful of others. 

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I don't think anyone should have issues with that and as you are an Adult you shouldn't feel much bothered about it and sleeping for long hours is a personal thing and if you are completing your works and duties on time then there is no problem and it won't make you a bad Girl.
But I don't like to sleep till late but I don't expect others to do that as well as we all are different and have different sleeping patterns but as we cannot change others, we should try to stay cool with how we are. That also depends on the time at which you like to sleep because if you sleep early then you will wake up soon. So you can try sleeping soon as well.
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I actually agree with on this one. When we say early how early are we talking about is it 5am, 9am, or 11am, i think as long as you wake up and do the chores you are expected to do and keep the house tidy, i don't think its much of an issue.
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I don't think it makes you a bad person but it just shows you're not responsible enough.it is always expected that children in a house wake early to keep the surrounding cleans and perform other chores but by sleeping on till late shows great sense of irresponsibility.

Your parents feels you expect them to do the chores for you and as such feels you are a bad example of a not so good child.To avoid all these you just have to get in early and get to bed on time and I bet you, you will wske up esrly to do your chores.there's no way you will be termed bad or irresponsible by doing this.

You wouldn't like your kids doing this daily so buckle up to reclaim the good child tag again.
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Yes! It doesn't speak well of you if you are still the dependent type. It is advisable you wake up as early as possible in the morning to do thr necessary domestic chores. However, if you're the independent type(that is, you are longer under the roof of your parent) you can sleep as much as you like.
Nonetheless, because you are free from the watchfull eyes of your parents doesn't mean you should become indolent. When it is appropriate for you to wake up late should be only when you are the type who slept late at night due to working into the late hour or you're the type who is into the kind job that requires you to work throughout the night.
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They only feel it is bad because you don't do what is expected of you. It is your moral responsibility to help them around the house since you are still living with them. Would you think of them as good parents if they choose not to fulfill their responsibilities like food, shelter and clothing  towards you even when they can? I don't think so.

However, if you have done everything that is expected of you, then you don't have to worry that you are sleeping in. They are your parents so you can tell them when it is convenient for you and you don't have to be selfish about it. They will always understand because they want what is best of you.
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Waking up late does not mean that you are a bad girl, but it will definitely get people thinking and that will not be good for you. I remember i used to be like that when i was a young girl. I used to love sleep, so i would sleep late and wake up late. But that was not going to last long after my mum talked to me about it. When i went to college everything changed i woke up on my own and went to school. I started becoming independent didn't expect to be  woken up. And as i grew up and started working, sleep just disapperared. Eventually you will get over it but you have to have the willingness to change and become a better person.
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From where I come from, its the duty of a girl child to wake up in the morning and do the house chores. As a person, I also think its right but for both genders. Its well known everywhere that ladies are responsible creatures. I think for you,you're just not playing your roles well or you're just lazy.

I hence think the good idea would be, try reducing on your sleeping time. Try waking up some two hours before your current waking time. Or else if you're such a great addict of sleep, wake up very early, do your chores then go back to bed. Trust me, no one will complain not even your parents. Its not always good when parents keep on complaining about petty things try and avoid this at all cost.
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