Do I have to wake up every morning to go to work before I will be seen as a hard working someone? - Answeree
Where I am from, there is this general stereotype that you must be into 9-5 job before you be called an industrious person.
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Going to work depends on the type of work that you are doing and the skills that you possess. There are people that stay at home and make millions and it is good since they always work as freelancers. You can't really say that those type of persons are lazy. 
That is how life goes in this world, we have to work no matter how other people sees it as a hardworking or not.
What i would say is just work smart, and get things done. Din't seek for approval because sometimes that doesn't work.

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I think there is a stigma attached to people who don't work even if they want to work but can't find a job but as long as a person can financially support himself or his family there is no reason why he should have to work long hours.  It's just as import for someone to relax and have time to himself even if it does mean working fewer hours.

I think people tend to look at men this way more than women. The men should be out working while the women stay at home and look after the children but in the UK values are changing and in some instances the woman is the breadwinner and the man stays at home to look after the children.
No one should have to run themselves into the ground just to say they are a hard working person. They should stick to a schedule that suits them and strike a balance between work and leisure to safeguard their mental and emotional well being.
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Yes, i concur to your answer my dear friend. No need of trying to work yourself to comatose all in trying to prove to someone you are a hard working person.   
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That's quite unfortunate, why would you have to work in all those jobs to be recognized, that is not right. I believe an industrious person can be recognized at any point in their life. Whether they are young kids or adults. It all depends on how someone carries themselves and how they are brought up. When you are growing up your parents are always there to guide you through and tell you how to be a resposible person so that when you get into the employment world you will know how to run things around you. When you get a job, even if it's the first one, the way you carry yourself around, people will definitely recognize the good work your doing.
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I don't think so because the truth still remains that not everyone will be under paid employment whether blue or white collar jobs.There will always be artisans and self employed and I see these people as very hard working people too.

It is just a stereotype by the society, we always want to rate government workers or those with 9-5 work as hard workers  and people outside this as no workers or hardly working but this is a wrong notion for the mere fact people are up and doing daily trying to make ends meet in different ways, then they are not lazy  and shouldn't be seen as someone not working.Any one engaging in any kind of work that is putting food on the table is definitely working.
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I totally agree with your answer. Anything anyone do that enable the person to meet their responsibilities is work.
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That is a shallow way of thinking. Not even in this era. From time immemorial, there has always been decent jobs that do not run from 9-5.Those are the corporate types of jobs. There are people who work online and earn a living. They work anytime they like and when they have a job from a client. Others are contractors and work when they have contracts. There are artist who earn by selling their works offline or online. There are singers, models, craftsmen, traders etc. I could go on and one but this shows that there are many industrious people doing very well in different fields that aren't 9-5 jobs. It is not everyone is cut out for that life.
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Indeed, it just a myopic and archaic way of thinking. If you look at it critically the movers and shakers in the business world are not 9-5 workers. Thanks bro for your intelligent answer to the question.
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Its not only in your place but also in my country. People don't understand that you can work online and in fact earn well than those earning offline. I have several friends who do online academic research writing as they make upto $500 on a monthly basis. Neighbours start wondering how does this person survive because you're ever indoors.
I think the best idea could be making people aware that online working is real and pays well. In fact, a certain friend of mine was once accused to be a thief because all the people go to work but he's ever available In the house 24/7, he tried explaining to them and didn't understand till he took them to his house and showed that what's he's always doing for a living.

Its time human beings to start minding their own businesses and stop this whole issue of poking their noses into other people's lives. Whether you work or not, it shouldn't be any other person's business.
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Nice and decent answer you gave my friend. People should indeed mind their own business. How you earn a living shouldn't be their concern as long as you know you are into legitimate business.  
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I don't think so.

Working in a fulltime job also requires us to adhere to the 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM schedule. When I was just a new employee I make it a point to come to the office before the said schedule so I will somehow make a good impression about my working habits.

However, now that I am an old employee, and that I was able to show them my capability for three years of working, I can finally get a hold of my schedule. Even if I am oftentimes late because of traffic and all the hassle of commuting, they do not find it as being too lax or being negligent.

So, I think it what matters most is that you are able to deliver what was expected of you or even be able to exceed their expectation. Let your works speak for you and everything will be fine.
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It okay with your fair answer to the question. Doing your best in everything you find yourself doing is paramount.
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There are many ways to be an industrious person and it doesn't have to be working for a company. If you want to succeed you can do this easily and it doesn't mean that you have to work for another person. I guess in some cultures it isn't possible for a person to work at home in their own business. There are many people who work harder and longer hours to start a business and make it successful. I feel these people would be well respected in their community.

I know several people who started a small home based business and it grew so large they needed to rent an office and hire a person to help them. The business kept on growing and growing and now they have 3 office, a warehouse, and 10 people working for them. In cases like this these people are well respected for what they've done and on top of it all, they have given work to 10 people who were out of work. I would say this is a great example and doesn't fit into the normal stereotype that most people consider as a successful or respected person.
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You're spot on with your answer. You can start your own small business from the comfort of your home and build it to be a mega business enterprise not necessarily waking up every morning going to prosper another man's business.

I worked for the Government for years. When I was sent here for my last job I had worked for them for over 25 years. I decided it was time to take my talents and put them to better use. Yes it isn't easy, but in the end you earn a lot more money and you have your freedom.

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That is what they think. I am living in the same situation. I do not believe that you need to have a job to be hard working. You can be hard working in something else. You can be a plain housewife that takes every demanding mommy task at home and be hard working. You can be having your own business starting and be hard working, you can be at home, researching for a new job and working hard from researching it. You can be a student and hard working by reviewing what you have learned from school. You can be hard working in any thing you are interested of doing. It doesn't have to be a job. We should recognize that it doesn't have to be in a job or you are needed to be employed. It is mostly about all of the things we are doing everyday, even taking care of our ill parents.
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Yes i agree with you. One can can be hard working and productive in anything he/she chooses to dedicate his/her time to. Thanks!
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On sincere note,  major part of the world especially the under developed regions still believe in this way of being industrious. The mindset that internet is more of fraudulent activities has kept lots of people in the dark. This is obsolete.
In this era of technology and internet  that has provided lots of opportunities for people to making money online at the comfort their home, I see more of industrious , successful and richest people making their ways through the online methods of earnings that do not require them to jet out of their home from 9 - 5 all in the name of working hard.
There is need for more sensitization on this aspect cos the larger part of the society still believe in this, you can access this by the taking the internet users statistics compare to the world population.
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That's not true that for being successful you have to do a job. There are many successful humans on this planet who have not joined any job for being successful. The examples are sportsperson, artists, actors and lot more. There are people who follow their hobby to make it a passion , enjoy their life and make money.
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