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I urgently need your honest contributions on this critical question pertaining my career.
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Your the only one can choose which one is what really you want to have. Think which makes you more happy to have.

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What I really think about this situation is that we should always look forward to the things that we want to achieve in life. Quitting your job that is paying you daily, weekly or monthly and chasing your dream career is a tough choice that only the brave can push for and hope for the best.

I have always looked at this situation from that angle that there is nothing good that comes easy no matter how we look at it, so I believe that it is always better for us to take this step early in life and suffer some pains while making it work out for us at the end of the day.

The thing is that not many people will believe in your dreams till you start making it to work and this requires you to reduce the level of distraction that may be coming your direction as you aim for the top.
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A lot of dreams, aspiration and life's ideas have been buried with great innovators because they left what would have given them the most satisfaction to follow other's dreams.

I like to tell people that working for anyone no matter the pay is or was actually you helping another to actualize their dreams and aspirations. The owner of any company put his or her dreams to work,knew it can't be accomplished alone brought others in to help make the dreams come through and also help in sustaining it.

What I'm I saying follow your heart.What will give you utmost happiness is your dreams.Getting ours aspirations and ideas in motion and see it moving just the way we have ever wanted will give us all the satisfaction we ever needed. So follow your vision through to be happy.
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Thanks bro for this mind blowing answer. Obviously, one can only find joy and satisfaction in chasing his/her dreams with vigor and perseverance not slaving for someone else's work all in the name of money.
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Thats very risky and you might end up missing job or maybe you might find your dream job paying half of the salary you were paid by the other job. Nowadays people are doing jobs that's really different from their career jobs. I have seen who did agriculture back in university but currently he's a bank. I fail to understand the connection between the two and how he landed in that field but what matters is money.

Forme, I think the big deal here is money. As long as you're being paid well in your current job, there's no need of pursing your career dream job and you are not guaranteed to secure one soon. But then, if you're promised one already then why don't you go ahead because its always fun doing what you enjoy despite of being paid.
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I am afraid to disagree with on your answer. Money is not everything. Would you because of money be doing job that does not give you time to do other things you love? You can never find fulfilment in a well paid job that gets you stagnated and unhappy. 
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I cannot be exact with my advise because I have no idea what is your personal dream career and what is your lucrative job. If your lucrative job eats all your time and you end up being tired and unhappy, then it is time to face your dream career because for sure with your interest on it, you will be passionate. Once you are passionate, you will be tired doing it but surely at the end of the day, you are happy. You can be fulfilled more when you are doing your dream career. It will make you dedicated. However, are you sure  you want to leave your lucrative job? Starting on your own once you leave it will require more patience and perseverance.  If you think you are not ready to do it, you need to start changing your plans. This requires a serious decision.
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Perfectly said. Honestly speaking i am tired in working for people who have no plans for my retirement. And there is nothing like you building something to call your own. Something that gives time to explore other juicy possibility out there not job that will keep trapped and stagnated.
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That kind of job do not have the right to feel us that way. Me, I left my job for 10 years because I am no longer happy. Sometimes money is not that really vital but our own happiness because if we are happy , we can do even the impossible. 
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I can totally relate to your question. I have been in a job I dislike for three years. And for three years I've been telling myself that I'm going to quit. However, my responsibility to provide for my family hinders me from doing that. So I promised myself that I will just wait a bit more until I have enough savings because, let's be real, it's hard to start over.

If you no longer see growth in your current job, and there's nothing that stops you from quitting except for the salary, then quit. Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. Because even if you're earning billions, if you don't find purpose and fulfillment in what you are doing, then you will never ever be complete. You will always have this strong desire for doing the thing you really long for. I think imagining yourself in that very moment will help you in making a choice. Remember the old saying, "Make your passion your profession."

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