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Antioxidants are good for our healths ensuring pur body cells will eliminate free radicals and make new cells to improved health.

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I am drinking gingko biloba or some foods or milk that has gingko biloba. Gingko Biloba has high in antioxidants. Also, those foods that are good for your liver will give you better source of antioxidants. Sleeping for 8 hours will give you good antioxidants. If you are with good supply of antioxidants, you are free from some illness like cancer and high cholesterol plus you are free from infections. It is like acting as your Vitamin C. Antioxidants will avoid you being stress and you are feeling calm and happy most of the time. It helps to set your mind, be focus of what you need to do and be the best person. You can get antioxidants from nuts , seeds , legumes, fruits and vegetables. You can also find it with some food supplements.
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Excellent said, antioxidants are richly parked in fruits and vegetables and they are very helpful in fighting diseases in body. Basically they are key to having healthy living. Thanks!
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Antioxidants are very good for the good for the body because they can boost immune system and help fight against the activities of free radicals. Free radicals are uncharged particles in our body from ultraviolet rays, radiation, Cigarettes,food substances etc. They oxidise our cells by collecting electrons since they are impaired. This often causes damages to our body cells.

Antioxidants are supposed to act against these activities of free radicals since they can cause cancer, diabetes aging and other health conditions. We can get antioxidants such as vitamin A, C & E,  carotene from the food we eat. Food like fruits and vegetables.
We should make an effort to consume antioxidants more often since we are always in danger of these free radicals.
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Thanks bro for this wonderful answer to the question. I kind of imagine what would have happened to our defense(immune) system if there are no antioxidants to bolster it functions. Thanks a lot.
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Antioxidant which are substances like vitamin c and E helps the body to resist damage which in turns build up the body.

The body is prone to damages from smoke,radiation, exposure to tobacco and even food poisoning this  is where antioxidants comes in,it helps to protect the cells of the body from further damage.

Free radicals are just there in the body to damage it and there must be some substance to put them under control and if antioxidants does play it parts.These free radicals can outrightly damage or kill the body's cells and when cells are dead of course the body becomes weak and immune system will be down which will give room to all sort of diseases penetration.So antioxidants helps detox the body and also helps to build the immune system.
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I am really impressed with the answer you gave. Those stubborn free radicals that are harmful to the body must be put to check by these amazing antioxidants if not our body becomes vulnerable to all sort of sickness. Thanks!
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Antioxidants are very important for our body as long as we want to live a healthy life. A lot of people suffer from one health problem or diseases simply because they are are not taking all the essential antioxidants they are supposed to be taking either on daily basis or weekly basis or on monthly basis.

Most times, what we eat are not 100 percent healthy for consumption but we eat it anyway. Some of our food doesn't have all the six classes of food or nutrients required to make us healthy, it's with the help of antioxidants that our body system is kept in shape and be well protected against any kind of internal and external health problems that might be bacteria or fungi or of viral origin. Antibiotics are also very important to be taken with antioxidants.

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