It becomes pretty difficult to give up the one you love regardless of the odds that are against both of you. Some parents will say you can't get married to that man because he's not  your class, status or tribe/caste etc. In spite the opposition, both lover find it hard to let go their love as it were in titanic. What could the reason for such never letting go type of love?
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I think true love in undying and even if two people can't be together for whatever reason they will always have some sort of emotional attachment. Painful thought it is some relationships do not flourish because too many obstacles stand in their way maybe through religion or social class.

There are some people however who defy all the odds and their love stays true despite the fact that many people are against it. They will see each other in secret and have even been known to run off together although this is not ideal and can cause family rifts. In most cases a person will meet someone more suitable but this doesn't mean you have to forget this person that was so special to you, You just keep them safely tucked away inside.
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As far as i am concerned love should be able to stand against all odds regardless of any obstacle whatever. The two people in love should fight for their love not giving it all up because of pleasure of any sort.
It is really hard to let our loved ones to go. But thanks for your answer. It helps me to understand a thing in a different perspective. 
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It hard for two people who truly love each other to let go because of the kind of thoughts,  memories,dreams and emotional ethics they shared.
The fact that two people loves each other dearly is not a guarantee that they will be together because  destiny supperceed love. The obstacles such as parents disagreements as a result of one reason or the other are as a result of destiny.
True love is expected to be reserve and respected, that is why when two people genuinely loves each other they tend to make sacrifices and respect each other such that if destiny do not permit them to be together they abstain from illicit affairs but they never loose contact on issues that better their lives because true love goes far beyond romantic relationship.
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Certainly, pure love should be devoid of lustful feelings especially if find out that the two lovers no longer have future together. Thanks a lot.
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Love is a natural feeling and its a free gift of nature, can we control any natural thing? Hell No it very much impossible so is it with love.

Love is an intense feeling that we can't control when once you have it toward a person, it makes us love someone unconditionally, that even with all the odds against us we can't just let go.

I tell people it very easy to defined love in a relationship, love doesn't look out for any perfect person. It just complete an imperfect person, so when once one can't over look one's imperfections then love is really lacking in such a relationship.

Loving someone unconditionally can hinder us from letting an imperfect being or lover go.
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Indeed, true love is always unconditionally. And once you have it towards anybody you tend to overlook such person imperfection and focus on the good qualities such person possess. I really appreciate your heartfelt answer. Thanks!
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Most probable reason is the true love that they get from each other. You might find that those people have had several lovers but non of them had given them the kind of love the current ones have. Finding true love isn't easy and hence you'll find one will opt to love someone no matter what as long as they're both happy. In any relationship especially marriage, happiness is very very important. No one would love to marry someone they're aware that they heart breakers.

On the contrary, at times we ought to consider our parents feelings and thoughts. If the parents aren't happy with the relationship, we have to quit because there's no way a marriage can be approved without parents blessings.
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For your take on our parents having major say on who we are to spend our life with, i feel they should leave us to decide who we want to stick to for the rest of our lives because when it all said and done we are the ones that we will face the consequences of our actions be in good or bad. Thank you.
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True love is the reason these people still stick to each other. Feelings do not lie. You can only suppress them but they won't go away. Love is like a magnetic connection between souls so it is only natural that there's still an attraction no matter the opposing forces.

Some couple decide to stick it out and still be together against all odds. They run off and be together while others leave it to faith. When they marry someone else, they maintain a soft spot for the past. Sometimes often too soft that it can reignite passion once again if given the chance.

I think that People should be allowed to be with whom ever. This is when they'll truly be happy. Even when it doesn't work out, they'll know it was their decision and not anyone else's.
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Great contribution, you are spot on with your comment. Everyone should be left to make their decisions on whom they want to spend their life with.
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It is because the heart wants what it wants. You can go ahead and meet new people but nothing can compare to the comfort and familiarity that this person brings. No matter what you do, you will always be reminded of the memories and experiences that the two of you shared. Love is something we can't control. We can't expect our heart to stop beating for someone nor we can command it to love another. It just happens.

However, like any other things in life, there will always be struggles. Things won't always go our way. And these struggles can either make or break us. But no matter how complicated these struggles are, you should be brave because you are fighting with and for the person you love.
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You are spot on with you your answer to the question. There is no way you can fight what you feel for the person you love. In spite the fact that there is possibility of both you breaking up in the future, you can still be rest assured that what you guys once had is something that would not just fade away fleetingly because it happened naturally when both of you were together.
I also totally agree with what you said. I think I'd rather take a shot even if others won't approve than live a life full of what-ifs and if-onlys.
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Love chooses you. Love happens to you because it is bound to happen. Love has the reason to stay and not to stay to you but you will always have the decision not to do it or to do it. That is the reason why it is hard to let go of your love. You invested an emotion for them. You had build a history. Memories also helps you to grow. You started to be a person with positivity because of that love. I mean you change for a better. You already it would be very difficult for you if they are no longer with you because it is so sad. You are like dying because they are no longer there. The life you used to know already changed. You had found true love that is why it is hard to let go. You think you can never see the same person again. Sometimes you need to grow individually that is why you need to let go.
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Oh yes! I agree with you. It's pretty difficult to let go who you once love because of the memories both of you shared. 
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It is difficult to let go the Ones you love because you feel alone after going them.You remember the Days,when you were with each other.
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There is an unseen connection between love ones, so when two love ones are not present physically the bond still draws them together, through this bond thoughts are connected such that the two can think of each other at the same time. 
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Sometimes, the best way to be happy is to learn to let go of things you tried hard to hold on to that are no longer good for you. It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on.
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True love endures all and is unstoppable. It can pass through all difficulties but still emerge victorious. This love is patient, enduring that leads to strong relationships. 
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It is difficult to let go of the one you love especially if your world revolves around him and you have many memories with him. Letting go is a long process,but you can do it.
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When you love someone with good intentions you make them a part of you not only your life not only your mind but a part of YOU. Now imagine someone which is a part of someone and in addition to that they love each other like truly. Why not it would be painful to get apart. 

Now reasearchers have also said this -
That when you love someone very truly and you get seperated from them suddenly that pain is equal to the pain of if someone take a tool and rip off your one finger from your hand. Both the pains are equal in measure.
Now you can imagine how painful it is to be to get part from a loved one.
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True love is the hardest thing in life Because you will be like a baby attached to your motherr

It's difficult when everyone go to somewhere else, broken up 

But every thing will be good after trust me
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It is normal to be in this situation. It is really difficult to let go of someone because you love him or her. It would be a shame if you would not feel that way.
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I think that the reason why to let go of the one you love is specially because you are emotionally, mentally and physically attracted to that particular person.
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Love is a wonderful thing if you find true love you be in a place of peace, happiness is your second name and letting go of that love would hurt you to the bone.
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When two partners love each other, nothing can separate them because love is the strongest bond.

Love conquers all. It is difficult to let go the one you love because you love them.
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