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I think that's what we call a platonic relationship and yes there can be this kind of love. I have  two male friends that I feel this way about. If they told me they were  moving away tomorrow I would wish them well and not be heartbroken but I have known them for many years and love them in a friendship sense. I used to have a romantic attachment with them but not now so the feelings I have for them have changed.

I think this kind of relationship is not so common, Often when a couple break up they are on bad terms and cannot be friends, at least not for a while, but there are people who have grown up together from children and been close friends for many years without those romantic feelings. However most friendships involve some kinds of emotion, it's just a platonic relationship is less intense.
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It's quite impressive the answer you gave to the answer. Platonic love is far from this type of love we are considering here. You can't tell me you are in love with someone you hope to spend the rest of your life with and you're not having any feelings of emotional attachment with that person, can you?
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Love is natural affection that is ordained from GOD, it neutral, it is we humans that attached strings or qualify it in a way to give it another definition.Love grows from likeness and likeness cannot exist if you don't feel good about a person or thing. If you love someone, it no doubt that you automatically have feelings of comfort and companionship with the person,  this is where platonic relationship come to play This could exist between people of same sex or opposite sex as the case may be. The moment the companionship grows to the extent of having romantic expression then such loves is not only  feelings motivated but emotionally too . In my opinion feelings and emotions differs and there can't be love without emotional or feelings.
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That's just it. Love that is nurtured on the basis of relationship level must have some sort attachment of emotions stringed to it. But the other love like the one we all are expected to have for humanity shouldn't have anything feelings of attachment close to it. Thank in plenty.
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There can be love without feelings and emotional attachment. I've always thought that love is pure and in its pure state, it doesn't have any attachments to it. It is the pure feeling of likeness, care and compassion towards others. More often, we tend to attach some different  feelings and still call it love. This is why these days you hear things like, wicked love, brutal love, jealous love etc.

Having said that, the kind of feelings matter too because likeness care and compassion are feelings too. That's what defines love.You can love someone of the same and opposite sex, deeply care for them with no strings of romance attached. This is how the rest of the world should love each other.
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You are right my friend. The kind of love we need in the world is agape love. But in this context in which  this question was asked is based on relationship level where you have two people who are trying to get to somewhere in spending their lives together as husband and wife.
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I don't think there's any way one can be loved without any feeling or mutual attachment, that's like an impossible thing to do because love is an intense feeling or emotion that can only come from within and not without. So there must be this very strong attachment before one talks about love.

Any other feeling that's just passing or fleeting can only be roving nd moving with time. From what i know it just lusting after.what one  can get off the relstionship which might be wealth of a person or just the bodily pleasure but nothing emotional or loving attached to it.
Any relationship that's isn't built on emotional attachment or mutual feeling for one another can never be more like friends with benefit or mere infatuations.
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Rightly said my friend. For there to be love there must be feelings emanating from both end of the lovers. Anything short of this it just lust not love and it will not last due to the motive behind it. Thanks in a million.
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There can never be no love. I have been through that and I can testify. For love to exist, there must be some mutual feelings between two people. In fact you'll find that even making love won't be that easy because you don't feel the person. Now these are some of the effects of a forced love and you'll find one party loves the another but doesn't get the same in return.

Love isn't something that can be forced and work even in the presence of all luxurious things and money. Matters of the heart are hard to explain but the truth is, mutual feeling matters a lot. My opinion is, if you know you're in that kind of a relationship, just quit soonest possible before you're heart broken.
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Definitely, you can't be in love without getting attached emotionally to that person. As rightly said by you, it is always best for the two parties involved in the relationship to be mutually down for one another. Thanks!
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I think it is impossible. Even when you are infatuated with someone, you care about them. If you care about them, you starting to have a feelings for them. It is only you can define if you are still infatuated or you are inlove with someone. If you invest emotionally with love , it is love already. You can even love someone even if you are friends only. You can keep a love when you feel that the love will not grow on the other person. It always need an emotional attachment because that is love is all about. It is being happy, being sad and being both of it. Even being romantic is an emotion. You let the other person knows how much you love them. That is what makes the other person develop a love for you if you start to take care of them or show your love to them.
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That's just what it is. Love goes hand in hand with emotions. The both are inseparable. You can't love someone without having feeling of attachment for that person.

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