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I'm always having the feelings that heaven is a feeling than a place. What do you think?

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In the Bible, God promises that he will bring you in Heaven and will give you ever lasting life if you will follow everything in the Bible and his 10 commandments. I think it is both a place and a feeling. I do believe there is Heaven but the only ones who are living there is the God the Father, The and the Holy Spirits. About the feeling, even little things that can make you happy we can feel how happy it is. We define Heaven as somewhat calming and happy. In heaven, we don't have any problems, that is why it is good feeling. Whenever we are free of problem or at peace, we say we are in Heaven or we are exactly feeling it. For me it is both, but I still respect the meaning of Heaven where I want to go when my time here on earth is already through.
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Definitely having an exciting life daily can be said to be heavenly. I wish everyone can have this great feelings towards one another it will really be what will help one another. 
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This will depend on your belief system. Some People do not believe in the concept of heaven and hell. They believe in facts that they can explain and in such cases, heaven is a more of a feeling and can also be a place they make and give such an atmosphere.

I believe heaven is a place as much as it is a state of the mind. It may not be a garden full of flowers and scents but a feeling of peace and bliss. Like a haven. On the other hand, I believe in there hereafter. Heaven would be a haven for all souls where they can rest eternally Free from all the negative energy that the earth has. Whether we make it to heaven or create a haven, it translates to tranquility.
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I always think it more of a feeling though well if it's a place there shouldn't be a problem too because I'm trying to live to get there. 
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I have always believed that heaven is a place where all Christians will gather one day after end the world has come to an end. That thought of heaven being "feeling" has never crossed my mind. In fact they always say that there are seven heavens but I don't understand why seven and what each of them symbolises. But I think its because seven symbolises God's number and we can trace it back to the Bible.

Heaven can also be a feeling especially when you read the Bible oftenly or you hear some preachings, you can imagine all the good things associated with the place. In summary, no one knows whether heaven is real or not. Its just a matter of faith.
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I believe you,it can be a feeling and I believe with such a feelings it can be awesome.i pray daily to have this heavenly can be very helpful for our well-being.
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Its a very complicated topic but I don't feel there is any Heaven or anything like that. It's just a belief that we will go into heaven if we spent our lives with fewer sins and will go to hell if we spent our life full of sins, it's like a teaching for us to behave like a human and stay away from committing any sins and should try to help all and that's why many like to donate their things, money, property and this is how the world is working.
Even if we don't believe in Heaven or Hell, we should still try to work for the prosperity of the World and should help everyone in need or at least try to not to harm/hurt anyone in any way.
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This has always been my submission,if we can make the world a better place for everyone then the world would be our heaven.No need living a complicated life.
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Heaven is an etheral realm therefore we can rightly say that it's a place. It has nothing to do with your feelings. If it does we can then say that it's connected to your emotions. Heaven is a luminous part created by our maker designed only for those who possessed the necessary spiritual qualities to attain it or dwell there.

On the contrary, feelings can never be linked to heaven simply because of the fact that feelings are human emotional parts of earthly beings. Heaven can never be attained by feelings but with the human intuitive spirit.

Human spirit and feelings are enemies. You can not be spiritual and at the same time be operating with your feelings. In other words, it's only the human spirit that can access heaven(place) and not through feelings.
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The feelings I was referring to is having an awesome experience here on earth.i don't think it a bad thing to have an heavenly experience here on Earth but if you say it a place so be it.
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Heaven is a place, but a different place than any other places. It is eternal and it is not just a simple place where you can go if you want. A place where our souls will go after our physical death. It just others linked it into a feeling, whenever someone is feeling so hype and very happy that he or she cannot describe it anymore, that person always use the term heaven just to show how happy he/she is on what he/she experiencing. Here on earth heaven is described as a place where you can no longer feel pain, that there will be an eternal peace and happiness. In heaven, you no longer need to eat and you no longer need to sleep, no one will be sad and alone no more. Heaven is a perfect place for us human, that is why when we feel undescribable gladness we often called it as heaven just to tell other how glad we are.
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Great one there,it will be amazing when we will all experience this and have a place like never before.i hope we can all experience  it we leave this sinful world.

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