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With emphasis on skills acquisition now do you think education should be pursue now or it just a waste of time.
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Education is power no matter what form you are getting the education from. As long as it adds to your knowledge, it's very important to keep getting. 

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I think this is not just a matter of education vs experience or knowledge vs skills where you get to pick only one. A person's personality and career growth are developed with both experience and education. Hence, the two should go hand-in-hand. In fact, you can gain both from education and experience. With education, one's critical mindedness, analytic, and logical thinking capability is developed. Studying for years also exposes you to diverse range of learning opportunities coupled with different perspectives about life, which you get to apply when you go out of the institution. Likewise, experience gives you the skill set that you can always rely on or have an advantage of.

Bottom line is that education and experience will both make you wiser and ready for the real-world.

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Yea,if we combine the two I think we will definitely stand a better chance with life but can only education do justice to bettering our lives?
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Yes education is a very important tool especially in the modern world. Almost all the sectors in job industry require some educated personnel. You will realise that with low education you will receive less pay but with higher education you will receive good cash and do less work. People are always saying that education isn't worth because it's very expensive and with limited jobs in countries. What people don't understand is that, education is a long time investment plan.
You might get international jobs but require you to have education and those are the fruits of education. You might have the skills but no communication skills. Education will help in shaping you into a better person than who you were initially.
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I totally agree with you education is a long term investment that one can earn with for a very long time especially with very good additional certifications. 
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Everyone needs to be educated. When people hear education, they mostly only think about the educational institutions founded by the west. That is not the only form of knowledge. There are more learned people that I know that never went through they schooling system. They got informal education and are masters in their crafts.

If we had a world that isn't centered on qualifications and achievements as a measure of respect, success and placement in society, education within the system of an institution would be less thought of.

Sometimes the things you learn at school do not equip you with the basics you need to survive outside the system. This is why more people are trying to acquire new skills even after school.
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Well,to an extent you're correct some school just focus on the curriculum nothing about the larger world and life's experiences being taught which doesn't help us at all. 
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I think it's important but some people manage to have a very successful life despite not doing well at school. My partner had a very good education but has never really done well in terms of career. His brother didn't care about school but when he left he joined the marines and from then on became a deep sea diver and earns phenomenal amounts of money.  He just about has everything money can buy and if he retired tomorrow he would have enough money to live off for the rest of his life.

However for most people life isn't like that, we need some form of education to make us desirable to employers. I think apprenticeships are good where an employer takes on a young person to learn the skills of the business while paying him a small amount of money until he is qualified. Unfortunately there seems to be less of these around in the UK these days but what better way to acquire skills than learning through actually doing hands on work.
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This is the whole essence of this question seeing that those with extra ordinary skills are getting more wealthy than those that have acquired so many certifications. This beg for the answer of the need to still be in school than learning a skill. 
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Oh yes! Education is needed now more than ever before. It might excite you to know that education is not all about the type we are all familiar with; the one taking place in the school class room. Anything that involves acquisition of knowledge be it carpentry, mechanic, brick laying etc, is education.

Apparently, there is nobody that can survive in today's world without having any form of education except such person wants to become a liability to others. If you really want to be free from financial enslavement, you must be willing and ready to pay the prize to be educated.

Who ever fail to educate his/her child/ward such parent/guardian is treading the path of ignorance that will not only be detrimental to him/her but the person involve and the society as a whole because an educated nation is a liberated nation.
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Yea,but I was referring to education in the formal setting mostly about getting a degree and other higher qualification compared to acquring just skills. 
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It is not, if we are into corporate job or into manufacturing, having a degree is really beneficial. It is good that you already have a background and the proper meaning to the job you are doing. On the other hand, learning about a job doesn't always require a degree as there are jobs that could be learn on your own and if you are passionate. Remember the people who are into business. They don't have a background on their business but due to loving it and willingness to learn, they learned it. I just remember that if the works requires technical like using computers, it really need a background or a degree. You can also learn how to do it, but some terminologies are all taught in school and if you want to learn it, you must really want to learn it so it will be easier on you.
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I think getting education is mostly about trying to get a job which we know now that there are limited jobs everywhere but with skills one can even start something on his or her own. 
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In my opinion, countries need a new education policy which is improved based on our modern life. for example, in my country, method for second language learning is totally useless. It started at the elementary school and students are educated for 8 years but after the graduation, We found out that we can not speak well. Also pure science is not enough for life; the students should be trained on the basis of skills. They should be able to find a job after graduation. There is another point: in the age on internet, it s essential for governments to produce the digital tools in the classrooms.
finally, students should be empowered by the necessary skills and knowledge to work in science, technology, academics and industry.
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Definitely theoretical knowledge isn't just enough in this time and age more must be done if really need to move forward as a nation.
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Education has and always will be important for anyone seeking a fulfilling life. As soon as you stop learning, you stop making progress, miss out on opportunities and become stuck on your preconceptions and ignorance. Education is more than means to professional success; it's key to your development as a human being.

That said, I'm assuming you're talking about formal education. That's a somewhat contentious topic with lots of good arguments in favor of and against the value of formal education, but really, it depends on your situation. In some countries, pursuing further education means potentially putting yourself into debt for the sake of uncertain job prospects. In others, you can get quality education completely for free (well, it's technically taken from taxes, but still). It also depends on your particular goals and what stage you are in your life or career.

It's true the internet has democratized the access to information to an unprecedented level. You can learn a wide variety of trades without leaving your home or even paying a single penny. Does that mean formal education is outdated? Not necessarily, as some jobs and employees still require degrees for some reason or another. Maybe there are even good reasons: self-taught learners often have some gaps in their knowledge, especially when it comes to core, foundational knowledge that's not super practical, but becomes important later on. So you might still need to pursue a formal education later on if you want to progress in your career.

All in all, it's not a simple matter, and everyone's case is different. Don't immediately dismiss formal education, but realize that you have plenty of options outside of that as well.

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Maybe less emphasis should be placed on skills and people should just be employed with what they have got.So that no one is held highly than the other side.
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Anyone who thinks education in this modern era isn't important is just as inconsequential as the thought itself. Is there any aspect of live endeavors, work wise that doesn't require some sort of education? Even some certain skills acquisition requires fundamental education.

A basic example of skills acquisition is someone who does auto repairs. Now imagine bringing a person who has never learned a thing in life to become acquitted with auto repairs. How do you begin to teach such a person. How do you even communicate with such a person. That's exactly what I mean by fundamental education and everyone needs it.

I like to think that the world we live in today gives no room for people with no form of education to prevail. Virtually all professional jobs comes after a sound education. Some might begin to argue that the world's most richest people are without degrees. Degrees are their classification and not education it's self. I don't think Bill Gates didn't attend at least elementary school. ..even knowing ABC is some form of education.
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I like your line of thought and it really the reality of things.we need at least elementary education to function properly now in the world it mustn't necessarily be about certifcations but acquiring basic knowledge is key.
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Education is pretty good essential in the world that we are living in today as without it, then we are moving back to the stone age. Honestly, I don't really enjoy that moment where people say that education is not nice for the development that we are having for it is from education that people learn to be creative. You can only read and write when you are able to go through the walls of the school no matter how little you stayed there.

When we talk of skills acquisition, I believe that what we meant is that everyone should not totally depend on education for the way forward of things that we do as that is not right. There is need for people to look out for ways to develop academically while they target learning some skills as well.
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I agree with you because it like the two go hand in hand.Ti even learn or acquire a skill now we need at least the basics from formal education or school. 

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