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I have read about bigfreegiveeaway  a site that we can just claim tickets daily to enter their jackpot weekly to clsim free money. Are there other sites we can make free money from? 
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There are lots of websites that offer free money, also you can try searching apps that pay you through paypal. There are lots of apps that really pay.

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Free money online? Hell no. The fact is there are array of websites out there online but what they offer is not free money. It's either you are subjected to take survey or you are given free tickets that will make you eligible to partake in their lottery. Like the one you mentioned bigfreegiveaway. What they do is to allow you log in for free that's after registering with them and you will be given one ticket per log in per day. Once you have gotten up to seven ticket, you can then be allowed to take part in the weekly lottery exercise. And if luck shines on you, you might turn out to be a winner which will be sent to your PayPal account. Another website that offer similar services is surveyeah which allow you to take surveys on certain products.
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When almost all revenue sharing websites pay peanuts and some even broken peanuts for your contribution, time and effort you spend on their site, I wonder whether there will really be a website from which we can get free money online. Even if it is true, I think there may be some hidden aspects behind such an offer of free money.

That means, the site may pay you one cent and earn one dollar with your time and effort. In the bargain, who is the winner? You or the site? Anyway, you can try a site called free.com, which boasts "why pay, when you can get it free" below its title. Here, there are many categories for you to choose from.
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I don't think there are any websites like that and honestly speaking these websites never work Worldwide and don't accept members from all countries and even if they do, they have different rates to pay us which is just like a discrimination with all of us but we cannot complain as this is dependent on the advertisers and of course, the advertisers pay more for the traffic received from top tier nations.

Few websites do allow us to enter those free giveaways wherein we need to buy few tickets and if we get lucky we can win the jackpot but the jackpot is worth only 5-10 dollars or max 20 dollars which isn't a jackpot considering the inflation and expenses we need to incur daily.
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I don't know of such sites but then I know its all about the lucky game, something related to lotteries. Of course I have  heard about bigfreegiveaway but never tried it out. Its not always a guarantee that you'll win because several people are competing for that price. I hence prefer investing my time somewhere else in other site where  I can be guaranteed $2 on a daily basis. Actually the good thing with those sites giving free money is that they're legitimate but not that easy.

This is almost like betting only that betting requires you to deposit some amount and you can be lucky to win the jackpot. Personally, I don't think I can advise anyone to try these kind of sites online because you'll waste your time and never earn anything.
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There are sites that we can earn points in exchange with free money equivalent to points. I am using a bitcoin mining sites and the satoshi I earned is directly put on my coins.ph wallet. I am not active though that is why the giving of points already stop. During the times I was active, all the balance on my Coins.ph, I use it on my mobilie phone load. I had been doing this before and I had benefited a lot before. There are sites that are giving money through points. Even with app. I have Pera Swipe before and I use it to earn points, equivalent to phone load too. I haven't earn anything but my friends, who recommended the site to me had points already, that is why I try. I only need to download the app and then whenever I swipe my phone, I earned points. I haven't seen a site that gives direct money.

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