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I wonder a lot if we can even lived daily without money.if we can how?
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Don't know if you've watched the movie In Time. It's a very interesting movie where instead of money as their currency, they use time. 

There was no money before, only trading. So that means, yes, technically we can live without money. 

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Money is essential to live. I highly doubt that in this era we can live without money. Even before money came into existence, people used trade by batter as a method of exchanging goods and services. Money made exchange more unified in terms of value.

No man is an island. You'd definitely need something from the next person and if you aren't getting it for free always which I highly doubt, you'd have to pay for it. Let's say somehow you have all you need in this life time. You must have used money or some sort of exchange to get it.

It is no wonder why some people can do anything for money. Others say money rules the world.
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In this current world, we cannot live without money. Everything needs exchange of cash in order to get something in return. Traditionally, people used to exchange goods by giving out what you want and getting what you want. That was very long time ago, at the moment, that's very impossible unless you live in your own world where you do farming and eat the farm product raw, this isn't happening anywhere in the world though.

Money is very crucial  because despite of buying goods with it, its make the world to be one. We have different currencies but conversions are possible to local currency. If it weren't for money, right now we couldn't we working online. In summary, money has united people in the world.
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A farmer who wants to grow crops can only do that effectively with money because  there is need to get the seeds required for planting and also maintainance of the farm.  The farmer can not farm everything he needed to survive and live comfortably so he/she needs money. I chose to start with farmers despite that everyone can not survive with money because they seem to be the least dependent with very cost and standard of livings .

Money is the next essential thing aside healthy living because it is needed to make our lives comfortable in all ramifications because  to feed, to sleep conveniently, to move from one place to another in search for means of survival we need money. Any one who lives without money will definitely not last longer be he or she doesn't.
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This will all depend on where you are living. If you can live in a country that has land for you to farm, grow your own food, raise your animals, gather eggs and go fishing. It could be possible to live quite nicely like this for years without needing to go to the market to buy any food. People who live in some countries need to live like this and they hunt for the meat they put on their table and grow the rest of the food on their land.

However, if you live in most places around the world it is impossible to live without money. There is no way to hunt for your food, grow food on your land or even go fishing to find food to feed yourself or your family. Today people or the world makes it hard to live without money. It is a shame it has come to this and before the large cities popped up there was plenty of places for people to live off the land and survive,
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With no money at all? We definitely can't. Some might say that we can always make our own food through farming but that's just one of the things we need to survive and to satisfy our well-being. To live a rather comfortable life, we need to have shelter and clothing. Society has also conditioned us to depend on money for almost everything we do including recreational activities. One's health is also an important thing to consider. We can't always rely on herbal medicines. There will come a time when we would need adequate health care and access to health services, which of course, would demand money.

So unless we go back to ancient times, when money is literally nonexistent, only then we would be able to live in a world not governed by our capacity to buy things.
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Ever since money become a legal tender it has become impossible for any to live without it. In the past there were other means that facilitate transaction between two or more people and they were all indispensable to humans on daily basis as they were part and parcel of their lives.

Biblically, money was said to be for defense. In the light of this, you will notice that there is absolutely nothing you can do this days if there is no money in your pocket. Although there are those who go about making money the wrong way but that does not undermine the importance of money in our lives.

Obviously, there is no single soul out there that can live without money particularly if such individual is one that have responsibilities that need to be met with money.
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I can't live without money. I live in the city. I cannot transport to far away cities without money for transportation. Foods and necessities are not for free, so I need to buy something to have something. Even paying for service like laundry, repair or even a hair cut, you need to pay someone to do it for you, unless you know how to do it. We need to buy food so we need money. If we have a growing vegetable in our backyard we can survive a little, but we need oils, soy sauce and some ingredients whenever we want to cook. How about getting into hospital, during emergency we need to have money to survive it. We cannot be discharge for free, though some hospital have free treatments if you are living in the place where it is established, but it is only in some areas. Money is always needed that is why we are working for it.
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