Which animal would you want to be?
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If I would be an animal, I would love to be a chihuahua. It is an adorable creature that people would adore from time to time.
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The animal.i would like to be in my next life would be a ladybird. Ladybirds are loved by everyone. They look so peaceful and so adorable. So tinny too. They can fly where they want. 
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I want to be a bird that can fly to other locations. You have the freedom to go anywhere without a fee or fare to do. You can go to the ground and walk or rest then fly again. They seem like light animals and can adjust to different situations.
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If I ever get to be reborn has an animal . I would love to become a Panda . Eat , sleep and like carefree , the best life ! 

Also since panda's are herbivorous , I do not have to go through the trouble of hunting and eating raw flesh hehehe
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If I die and am given the opportunity to leave again I will still want to be a human being because no matter what human being is the best and most unique creature on earth.
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If GOD decides to create me again and he ask me which animal will i love to be, i would gladly choose to be a horse, i love their speed, agility and strength.
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If I could live again, I would want to be a dog. I would want to be a dog that is devoted to its owner while also being able to help others and understanding of how they feel. A dog that people can play with and spend time with, a dog that helps people decompress.
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I want to be a cat. Last time I guess I've said tiger but changed my mind. Cat's are so bossy and yet so cherishing. I have a pet cat whose playful and yet so lazy. She is my alarm clock because she wakes me up at 6am just to serve them food, I love that kind of life as well.
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In the event that i would be creature, i couldn't want anything more than to be a chihuahua. a cute animal individuals would love ocassionally.
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I would like to be a sloth or a panda. Both of them are so peaceful creatures. They just radiate peace and harmony. Everything that I need is available in these animals.
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I'd love to be a lion since it's the strongest of all the animals(pc: Elephant is the strongest but according to one's perspective, lion still wins because of his king like attitude) and is the king of the jungle.

I want to live like a king atleast for one day in my life.
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