What are some reasons that people give for getting married?
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I'm optimistic that most people marry for love. In conservative culture, when a girl gets pregnant outside of marriage, there's a high chance that she will marry the father.
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I agree with you. People have the right to marry or not. It is not an obligation but it is the will to be one or not.
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There are 5 reasons to get married.

1. Create that family tree

2. Boost your quality of life.

3. You make new acquaintances.

4. Share your concerns.

5. Increase the length of your life.
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More people who are married or cohabiting than any other aspect cite love: 90% of those who are married and 73% of those who do so believe that love played a significant influence in their choice.
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They love each other and would love to make a family together and spend the rest of their lives together, have children that will make their bond last longer and tight.
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I strongly agree that love binds all from understanding to commitment.
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At younger ages, the youth people only sees the good side of been getting married. There unawareness of the dangerous things in marriage are hidden , that makes them to marriage. If anyone who knows the upcoming difficulties will not go for it. Better didn't get marry. 
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Somebpeople who get married say  is because they want to multiply the earth as the scripture says, while some want to marry because they just need a partner to call theirs while some get married to close up their loneliness.
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