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With the way people go about with all kinds of perception of what success is especially this present generation, you tend to wonder what really is success? Is it all about wealth acquisition? Or finding one's purpose in life? 

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That kid is just 20 years old and already his got a brand new BMW car. I also heard he bought a mansion on the coolest street in town. This is the kind of answers or stories always associated with someone being successful, but I don't deem success to be so. Don't get wrong, success can come in this form but necessary always like that.
Take for instance someone who was diagnosed with A.D.D (attention deficit disorder; not being able to pay attention and learn) as a kid. Such people struggle with education all their lives ending up with one failure to another. If such a person at the end of an educational struggles ends up with a fine degree graduating top of the class, i call that success.
Success doesn't need to come in a form of cash or property been acquired. Success is simply achieving a height that might have seem impossible at the start of it.
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I believe success is finding our way and purpose in life. We can go on living and working and making money but are we ever happy. We need to have a purpose to wake up in the morning and get out of bed. Furthermore, without a purpose in life, it is hard to leave your home. This is so important for all of us to live a fulfilled and successful life
If you are an artist then to define your success would be to put on showing and have your first opening. Then when you sell your first painting you can brag about this and I would say you have found success.

The same holds true for a photographer. Success is when a well know magazine hires you and send you on location to do a photo shoot. When your photos are published you have a feeling of true success.

Each of these gives us a purpose and a feeling of accomplishment in our life. I feel this is what defines us as successful.
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I completely agree with you on the answer you gave. In other words, success definition is based on one's finding his/her purpose in life and achieving something phenomenal from it. Thanks!
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So many people have hidden talents that they are afraid to explore for one reason or another. I feel that everyone needs to find what they want in life and go for it. No matter if a person tells them they are no good. I feel this person is jealous and that is why they are being negative. 
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It's about finding one's purpose in life. You can have all the wealth but you've not acquired it in any legitimate ways or maybe you've inherited from your parents. Success is defined by how much hard work and efforts you put in your work to get where you are at the moment. We can say someone is successful after struggling all the years back and they're now living the kind of life that they've always wished to live.

You can have all the wealth but if you don't know how to manage and use your wealth, soon it will all perish. The good thing with success, it will never perish because you have the whole idea on how to run things because you've always been the driver in the whole journey. Wealth and success comes hand in hand.
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Definitely, when you get to achieve your goals and objectives, you are already considered to be very successful in life because without achieving those goals and objectives as well as our aspirations, we would never be happy in life. 
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Since I am not getting any younger, for me success comes from being responsible for your family, them for being satisfied of what you can do for them and for having peace of mind. Some says if you are happy of what you are at the moment, you already find your success. For me, being a person that always have a peace of mind and being an inspirational to others is a better reason why I should be successful. It doesn't define by having lots of money and investments. It is a feeling of contention of what you have and living a life that you will not hurt anyone is a success that I am dreaming of. A person who is doing his or her purpose for everyday of their life is a success too. Everyone deserves to have success and true happiness for their life.
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Yes, the key word here should be contentment with who are as a person and what you have which automatically will translate to peace of mind. It's really not all about the amount of money in your bank account but the number of lives you are able to touch with the little you're blessed with. Thank a lot!
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I'd like to think of success as a process that we can always reinvent. We can associate it with whatever we want such as wealth acquisition or finding one's purpose in life but the truth of the matter is that it goes beyond the outcome. Success is not the goal per se but rather the process of achieving one's goal. Hence, there is neither a shortcut nor a universal path towards success because we should always have to go through the process. To say it simply, I believe it is the way of life.

Nowadays, we think so highly of "success" that it appears as though it is something magnificent or something close to greatness to the point where we become obsessed with the thought of it. We tend to envy those people who we think have already achieved it; hence, we oftentimes get carried away by these people's definition of success and feel as if we are in competition. But come to think of it, we can always find success even in the littlest things we do but what matters most are the failures that we had to endure, the dedication, and the effort we have given to actually be in that moment.

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Success to me is about realizing your aim.in life and getting it through all odds.if one can successfully have his or her desires in the different areas of one's life then one is a success story and it really what others can see,relate with and read like a book.

I'm making a success of my life not because I have been able to acquire all the assets I need but because I'm fulfilling my purpose here on earth and nothing beats having all that one has set out to achieved it can be thrilling.

Life is in stages, the more stages we conquer the more we know we will be a success someday. All we need do is to keep striving.
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I would not say it is either. Since different things determine success and accomplishments differ from person to person. If a person believes that acquiring wealth is succeeding, who am i to say otherwise.

Success for me is synonymous to fulfilment. When People have certain dreams and work towards achieving them, then that's success. It could be having wealth, finding yourself and making it your passion, helping others, having great achievements etc. It could be all in one.

Success is living your dreams and of course people dream different things. Some people's definition of success is seeing and helping someone else succeed. This way they feel like they have aided in giving back to society. Success can be one thing and a lot of things.
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Success in my opinion is not actually about wealth accumulation rather a situation or condition of a fulfiled desire and purpose. It is a continuous process that should never get to stop as long as one is still alive.
Some desires might be academic, business and innovational which many doesn't actually requires accumulation of money rather striving to register a name or so.

Many inventions made in the past, which we are enjoying today were actually from a certain person which many of them started the research but the ending was done after them.

This also means that, success is a condition of time when what is planned is actually achieved. However, success is definitely a continuous process because  , the end of one achievement is the beginning of another.

So, it is define as an end to a mean and not means to an end.
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Seriously, success can come in any form or dimension of the human existence, as long as it all amounts to having a breakthrough in whatever an individual have already engaged himself or herself in which yielded positive result. Most of the times, financial breakthrough is 90% attributed to being successful in life because almost all individual in the world today are all focused on making money by any means necessary as no one desires to live in poverty. This is actually the reason why most times being successful in life seems to be having money to spend whenever you want without the fear of going broke. But from my perspective, being successful isn't always about money or being a millionaire but a lot more better than just having money. Once you get to achieve all your life goals, you are already successful in my eyes with or without the money.
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