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I want to work in a call center because call center jobs provide so many benefits and also give you a chance to enhance your skills. You can easily improve your communication skills by doing work in call centers. This kind of jobs also provides you so many facilities such as cab facility, food facility, and you can easily earn a higher salary package.

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If you really want to work in the call center, you can try to find a job you need here . Of course, it depends on where you are, but this website is international and helped me in past.

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Do you realize that many companies are now hiring work at home employees to handle their call centers? They call these people a VA (virtual assistant) or even a service rep. I agree with you that call centers can give you some insights into different types of work. You can benefit and learn different aspects of a company and if you are working for a technology company this will only enhance your skills in the technical field and could lead to a better job opportunity.

If you find it hard to commute back and forth to work each day, I'd suggest that you look for online opportunities that could help you with finding the right call center you'd like to work with.
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You are right, Call center job have many benefits but as I have experienced... by the way, i am a previous Customer Care Assistant in the Philippines. I don't like the people i am working at because I feel that all tenured are very rude. They don't assist nicely all newbies, that's why after a week or a month a lot of newbies makes an AWOL and some pass a resignation. The nature of work is fine, benefits are good, pays on time.... I think the most important in the nature of work is the people you are working with,
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Yes, it will improve your communication skills because they provide a training from it. You can learn how to converse in English. It has lots of benefits too that the other companies cannot provide. Sometimes you might think that working in a call center is the answer to poverty. I only want to be in a call center because of the benefits, but the stress it will give me while doing the job is what makes me quit the job for sure. I think it is one of the best company but make sure you have the right skills or else you will be culture shock because the way the environment is not the same as we normally do. It is fast phase and you need to be very open minded with lots of changes that happens everyday. You also need to be emotionally ready with all the stress.

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