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I really love Christmas, I really love how people are preparing for their gifts and of course for the dinner. Now I'm looking forward to it.
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Because there are lots of food and gifts receiving and giving and time to celebrate Jesus birthday.

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This is quite funny to me. I guess I've never really considered Christmas Day the best day of the year. I have always considered Halloween as the best day of the year. Even when I was younger I was always disappointed on Christmas for what I had received. There were a few times that I did get a few great gifts, but most of the time it was something that I didn't want at all. I saw what my brother's and sister got and I always felt left out or that they didn't care about me at all.
Then when I was 22 I was excited this year for Christmas and to make a great day for my daughter. I received a phone call that my grandfather died. I had to bury him on Christmas Eve. After this, I hated the day to come around each year and wished that it would never come. It took me years and years to get over this feeling. I finally stopped to celebrate the holiday when my daughter grew up and left home.

I had always loved Halloween and being able to dress up and see all the fantastic scary decorations. I had always loved this day and dreaming up a costume I could wear out and how to decorate my home. I still love this day so much and spend most of October decorating my home.
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Exactly, Halloween seems the most fun when compared to Christmas i mean you get to dress up in your favourite costume, decorate your house, go out for some candy and just have one hell of a night as a kid or an adult.

Secondly condolonces to the passing pf your grand father, that's just a sad tragedy but i agree with you when comparing Halloween to Christmas i will prefer Halloween. Even when we are kids Christmas tend to leave an empty feeling inside of us just because we didn't recieve the gifts that we wanted and to be honest i was more of an extrovert as a kid so being cooped up at home all day at Christmas was kind of annoying most of the time.
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Halloween has always made me happy. I love to build displays and put them out in my yard. I enjoy the costumes, the laughter, and the fun it brings. I never felt that much joy at Christmas. I guess the best part of Christmas for me was when we would all gather at our neighbor's house and sing Christmas carols. On Christmas Eve we would go around and knock on each door in our neighborhood and sing to the families. In the end, we'd go back to the house and have hot chocolate and go home. This was fun when we did this but the rest I didn't really care for at all. 
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Ohh you love to build displays too where do you get your equipments and stuff from. I don't really have much time nowadays to go out shopping so I just do it online with but still if you know a place in Austria I would love to visit it.
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Actually, I just buy some mask and find the rest around my home. My husband has a lot of jeans, shirts, shoes, and work gloves that are totally trashed and I take them for the displays I do. image image image  I get some old material and making the body of the person. After I stuff this with newspaper and dress them up in the old clothes. I add on the mask and make a wooden stick to display them with. It is a lot of fun. Then I decorate the house and even the river bed. I made a graveyard in the river bed and use the rocks to make this with. I just find some clear plastic gloves and fill them with sand to make the hands. Here are a few images. 

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I suppose many people regard it as the best day of the year because it's supposed to be a time of giving and celebration of the birth of Christ. I personally find it very stressful and I'm always glad when it is over. We have difficult family members who I would rather not see who have to be included in the festivities.

For some people it is a very lonely time because they have no one to celebrate with, maybe old people who live alone and get forgotten or the homeless. I try to think of them on this day because I can imagine it is probably one of the worst days of the year for them as it enphasises how little they have in life.

I always think it is a special time for children, a magical time full of love and giving. I try to make it special for my granddaughter because watching the excitement in her eyes gives me more pleasure than anything else.
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HAHA agree with you here. Christmas could be more fun if we didn't have to endure those insufferable relatives. Also the idea about helping the homeless on Christmas  i actually that's the true meaning of it. Rather then spending thousands of dollars on gifts why not give it to the poor and have  a clear conscience instead.

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The first and the foremost reason could be, tradition. We came and found people celebrating Christmas and so will the generations to come. Actually for me, I don't find any good reason as to why am always celebrating Christmas. I know Christmas as a day when people cook various meals, dress well then go to church ever since I was a toddler.

Also, during Christmas, you can get to meet most of your relatives through family get together. From where I come from, during that day, most families tend to travel to the rural to celebrate the day together.

Finally,  Christmas is the day we celebrate Christ as Christians. People believe that Jesus was born on that day hence the need to celebrate His birthday. That's the reason why people do go to church.
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But you can get together with your family on any vacation, as well as dressing up or enjoying a meal together. Fine i agree that Christmas is the day that jesus was born on butt still why would it be considered as the best day of the year?
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Apart from Christmas being the day recognized as the day the saviour of the world was born, there are countless significants attached to the day. The birth of Jesus Christ marks an important day in the life of christians across the world. It's the day we all look forward to to celebrate the birthday of our savior and this highlighted how we were all liberated from the bondage of sin.

More so, there are other importance that can be associated with the day. The one we all can related with especially those that are non christians is the public today that they can also enjoy during such date.
It is a great day the Christians are opportuned to shared gifts and foods with other faithfuls that not really Christians. We cannot overlook the colourfulness of the day; the balloons, Christmas trees, mistotle, and ultimately the razzmatazz of the Santa Claus prior to the deal day.
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Dude, seriously are we really liberated from the bondage of sin. I mean is that really true.
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For me Christmas day is for family. This is the time of the year that everyone employed or not, are going home to their province, going home to their country to experience the best time of the year with their family. It is the right time to take a long vacation and the best time for reunions. This is the time for forgiveness and leave all the regrets behind. This is the time the food are festive and you forget about diet. Maybe it is one of the busiest day but on some people this is the time to spend their time with special someone or a time for a good rest that they will give as a gift for themselves. For me, I take advantage of the long rest because surely after Christmas there will be no rest for me from working. This is the time for family and for me, my family is my life.
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As I said before why does christmas time be only for your family. Can't you just visit your family any time in the year. Still don't prove how christmas can be the best day of the year because we spend time with family.
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there are people who loves to spend time with their family and the best christmas for them is when they are with their family regardless they are always with their family or need to go home with their family. I am answering this question based on how I really feel during Christmas. Christmas will not be at its best without a family that is complete! No amount of money can replace the time you spend with family during Christmas. 
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I think this depends on one's culture and tradition. As for me, I grew up in a country that values Christmas Day more than any other holidays (I think). Every Christmas season, people become joyous even amidst all the troubles that life has given them. In fact, even if a family is earning just enough to survive a day, they will make it a point to have something special for this very special day be it food, new clothes, because hey, it only comes once a year. I guess norms also has something to do with it.

But for me, I think the ultimate reason is that it binds us, and that we still get to celebrate it together as family.

However, I kind of feel bad with what's happening today. Christmas is supposed to be a season of giving but now it has slowly become the season of asking. As if one is really required to give something because a person's already asking for it. Perhaps, some people just  like to take advantage of everything.

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If you think about it is christmas the only thing that can bind you with your family. Ignoring the other holidays for now. 
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Christmas is the only time of the year when we get to see almost all of our family members. We consider it as time for reunions. They all brave the traffic and the crowded airports just to come home and celebrate with the family. And having to work far from home, we don't often get to have common vacation days, but Christmas for sure, is an exemption. So yes, it is what binds us (including New Year).
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Agree Christmas is the most hectic time of the year especially for travelling and yet our family members put am effort to travel and visit us from far away places. It sure is commendable but the point of it being the best day of the year is different.

But then again everyone has their own prefrences you can't really judge on them and if celebrating an entire day with your family is what makes you excited then I guess Christmas can be considered the best day of the year.
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Hi. If I may ask, what is the best day of the year for you?
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I think the best day for me would be either my payday or my birthday and if you are asking about events then it can be Halloween.
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I laughed at the payday. Man, you sure have a collection of best days then. Although, I agree. Nothing compares to the joy of seeing your bank account with, you know, money. Haha.

I wish we also celebrate Halloweens the way you guys do. I only see trick-or-treats and jack o'lanterns in movies! But why Halloween, though?
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Christmas the best day of the year? Well,it might have been for me as a kid but not as an adult. But really when I was much younger I really used to like Christmas day.I literally used to look forward to it  because of the funfair associated with it. I can remember all the preparation done by my parents before that day.

Christmas day is always marked with a lot of celebration, visitation ,exchange of gift and travelling to choice location.This is a day one get to enjoy all kind of dishes from self or from friends and family, it has always been a memorable day and if one is from a location with good cultural heritage, then display of different masquerades is imminent.
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Exactly as a kid christmas could be the best day of the year but now if i think about it just seems a normal day. No, gifts no celebrations we party every week so thats not something new and as for traditions and family they are uphold every other day on any occassion.
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I think people consider days as best days because of the atmosphere and memories It brings. I suppose Christmas day is one of them. It isn't even Just the day but the entire season. First off, it is always a holiday and people look forward to it so that they can unwind, relax and have family bonding time.
Just like other festivities, it is a joyous moment full of happiness, love and sharing. The world pauses all the hate and negativity for that moment and it feels so liberating. May be if you were out in the cosmos at that time, you'd see a big smile imprinted on earth. What's more, it is New Year after so everyone gets ready with a new resolution and a fresh start. Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, it is definitely a season to look forward to.
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I just look forward for the holidays LOL
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First of all, is Christmas really the best day of the year? I think this is only true to some people.
But for those who consider Christmas as the best day of the year, maybe it's because Christmas reminds them of their childhood (given they had good memories where they were still kids), when the family gets together and design the Christmas tree, cooking together, have a big special dinner, bonding over stories of their parents back when they were younger, putting up their socks for the toys Santa leaves for them when he pays them a visit, waking up to boxes of gifts under the tree, opening those boxes and finding the things you wished for. For them, Christmas probably is the one day they get to be a kid again, have a trip down the memory lane when times were so much easier and simpler.

I like Christmas, actually. Because everyone comes together and just be a family again. Lots of reminiscing, and laughing, cooking together (my brother grilling the meat, me and my sister making spaghetti and frying some chicken), the kids just running around and making noise, the Christmas carols, firework. All of it. Makes me wish i was a kid again.
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I read every answer and all of the people mostly say this exact same thing. To bond with your family, to listen stories and to have a great supper with your friends. We can do that at a wedding too.
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You can't exactly go back to being a child at weddings though can you?
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You can't actually go back to being a kid on Christmas though can you?
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If one wishes it enough, maybe he/she could. How do you celebrate Christmas
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I believe many are considered Christmas as the best day of the year including me myself believe so. In my case, I considered it best because First of all, it is the day when my savior Jesus Christ born and came to this world. Then comes next is, actually, it is not only the Christmas day that I considered best but it is the whole month of December that I considered best. It is because when December it is getting cold in the country where I am living. During the month of December, I can feel different aura lurking all around the places, an aura that is full of hope, love, and happiness. it seems like everyone doesn't know how to get mad and always have a forgiving heart. It is the best because it makes the people love each other and makes us bring happiness to others.

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