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I am planning a Tibet tour, can anybody give me some advice? What's the best time to Tibet? What should I do before going there?

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From what I have read and what people told me about Tibet it is a beautiful place. However, it is very hard to get a visa to visit this country. They are so strict about people going there and visiting. I think that you actually need to be invited by a person in order to go there. I've actually never understood this before and find it hard to believe that such a place would be so strict to have people see their country. It is a religious city and they keep their culture and beliefs to themselves and I am not even sure why they don't want to share this with others. I really have a strange feeling they are afraid to let in outside influences to this country and that is why they are this way. I have read so much about Tibet and seen a few documentaries that the country interests me and I'd love to go there and visit. I'm not sure it will ever be possible and hopefully one day it can change.
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Thank you very much. Yes, that's true. I also search for much information about traveling to Tibet online. It's said that foreigners are not allowed to travel to Tibet alone. Travelers should book a local travel agency, so they will arrange for the tour guide, vehicle, accommodation, and so on for us. It seems we have no need to worry about other things. So I still expect my Tibet tour. 

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