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I'm planning a Tibet tour next month, do you have any suggestions? How about the weather like in October? Is it OK?
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weather of Tibet in October month is ideal & fantastic for travelling
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Thanks for your answer. I believe so. I have searched a lot of information about the time to visit Tibet. It says that May to October is the best time. And I found this website is good for me because it gives me a lot of Tibet travel tips and so on. If you are interested in Tibet tour, you can visit it.

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If you are a foreigner, there are some restrictions for you. You should apply for the Tibet Travel Permit so that you can enter Tibet. The weather in October is cool, dry and sunny, so this month is quite suitable for Tibet travel. However, if you want to travel to Tibet in October, try to avoid Oct.1st to 7th. Because it is the Chinese National Day, and many Chinese would rush into Tibet during these seven days.  In October, leaves and grasslands in Tibet turn from green to yellow, just like a fairy tale world. Meanwhile, the temperature difference between day and night is large in October. At daytime, it is around 12℃, and it drops to 2℃ at night. Thus taking some warm clothes is necessary.

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Weather in Tibet vary from region to region and some places even experience frost for like 6 month in a year. The fact is that Tibet is a high altitude plateau set among tall mountain ranges, so the mountain ranges catch most of the rains before it's get to the plateau which makes most of Tibet apart from its Southeast either a desert, tundra or a parafrost.
The weather in Tibet is mostly characterised by the following;
Strong sunshine

There's is the cold and the dry periods

There's large difference in terms of day and night temperature in Tibet

Tibet has thin air with less oxgyen content in it. The boiling point in Tibet is actually low.
So if one is thinking of travelling to Tibet as a tourist then between May and October should be ideal.

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