I have made one or two very bad choices in life. I think the worst one for me was getting involved with a bad crowd when I was young which could have put my life in danger. Although I managed to see sense in time things could have been so much worse. 
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The worst and the most awful decision have ever made and I regret till now is being someone's spy. I was paid daily $1 by some lady to spy on her boyfriend since were in the same campus and she was in a different one. She required me to find out who the guy was hanging out with and if its a lady, I should take a pic then send it to her. By then I was still fresh at campus and didn't have much on my plate so it wasn't a big deal besides I was always paid.

My work was just to give reports and send pics if necessary. Trust me , the lady turned on against me and started saying that in was snatching her boyfriend because I didn't do my work well because someone else somewhere was giving her totally different information. But then, the man wasn't hanging with the wrong group he was always heading to class or hanging out with his boys and neither he wasn't going to parties. She then posted my pic in our home WhatsApp group and said all sorts of words. It was such a great embarrassment that I have ever faced.
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Wow that was a mistake learned the hard way but at least you know not to do it again.
I like your one should bring the answer is very useful for everyone you are so so grateful for giving this and sure
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I always think twice or thrice before taking any decisions that affect my life. So, I can say for sure that I have not made any worst decision in my life. Whenever I take a decision, I also consider about the future complications of my decision. If we think in this way, we are able to avoid taking worst decisions.

Having said that, one may ask whether all my decisions were good. To such a question I will say no. It is because when we decide to do something based on our rational thinking, sometimes, it may turnout good and at other times it may turn out not so good. In both the situations we have to face the consequences.
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As for me, the worst decision I have ever made in my life thus far was returning back to the bad habits I have left behind. Before I finished my secondary school, me and my group of friends were seriously into smoking and drinking. But by the time we all went our separate ways when we rounded up with our final senior certificate examination, I had the courage to break the bad habits.

Sadly, I returned to the bad habits when I finished my university due to wrong decision I made when things where pretty rough for me. And this time around things went from bad to worst.

In hindsight, I regretted that decision to return to the bad habits I once quitted. The good news is I finally mustered up the guts to say good bye to them for good when I was able to pick up myself and started been intentional and purposeful with my life.
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I can  say that I am not satisfied with how I am living my life right now. This is for the reason I am always tired of making money. If only I followed the foot steps of a friend before and start a business, maybe I am getting tired as always but I am happy. I have to say that I am always sad because I am always tired. I am not enjoying what I am doing. I had seen him traveling in different parts of the world now. I envy him because I would love to see myself free of worrying about money but I haven't been free from worries. I regret having the wrong decisions about that. As they say, what you are right now is the results of your decision 5 or 10 years ago. I dream to have a life with peace and calmness, so sorry to say that I will not experience it the soonest.
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I think one of the worst decisions I've made in my life was buying the book that I really really like using my mother's money. By that I mean not actually asking her to give me the money but rather stealing her money. I was a kid back then but I know it shouldn't be an excuse. I felt extremely awful for what I did and until now the memories of me admitting that to my mom is still very vivid.

That should never have happened had I not been too weak to succumb to temptation and peer pressure. And although my mom has long forgiven me, the thought of it still makes me feel bad. Every time I get reminded of that incident, I just tell myself that I can still make up for it and that that very decision has played a huge part to what I am now. I have learned that I should not just act based on my emotions and more importantly, I should not let other people's opinion control me.
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I think the best decision I made for myself was giving my life to Christ and living wholly for him.it has made life so easy for me and worth living .it wouldn't have been this easy if I went any other route.

I have gained so much from being in Christ. I live better,I don't need to bother about tomorrow because I know he is already there to put things straight for me.He is always there to provide all my needs  and his mercies sees me through all day.

I have great testimonies because of him and he has continued to make me a great testimony. What else would I have asked for than a loving father such as this,My best decision is choosing to love God and nature.
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My worst selection in my life is my Job Choice ( Career Option). Yes I have not selected the job as per my qualification. After joined in that work, I came to realized that it doesn't suits to me. So I quit my job. 
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I too have made some bad choices I guess. Being in a bad relationship and also not taking the career seriously that is how the things went bad in life that I have to move and make changes further. So I think worst decisions continue to happen when we are not paying attention towards a lot of things. 
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The worst decision I have made in life include my decision to gamble. I have learned that no matter how sure you are about the outcome of an event since you are not in control it may not happen the way you think. Others should learn as well.
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i think the worst decsion i have ever made in my life is when i jumped off my push bike whilst riding it to avoid running over a mouse i broke my leg
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