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It becomes pretty hard these days to stay focus especially with the present day distractions from all spheres of human endeavour. With the social media now seen as the perfect escape to face our fears head on. All this actually got me thinking, how do we remain sane and focus while we still keep tap with the present day trend in our society?
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when you know what you want in life, say your purpose in life, no matter the distractions, you will always by pass those troubles, because your mind is focused on one thing and when the determination is there, no amount of distraction will derail you. Because you have a goal and you want to reach it.

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I can totally relate to this concern. As a full-time employee and a part-time graduate student, I am often bombarded with tasks that I needed to comply with, which usually come with strict deadlines. There are times when I end up cramming not because they didn't give sufficient time but because I wasn't able to manage my time wisely. I am guilty with what you said, as I often get distracted by social media and mindless internet browsing to the point where I fall asleep while holding my phone. This routine lasted for a long time before I decided to do something about it.

To regain my old productive self, I deactivated my social media accounts and engaged in new activities that would not require me going online such as reading books and sketching. I told myself that I should let go of this bad habit if I want to achieve my goals. This totally worked for me, as I was able to finish my tasks ahead of time. And although I wasn't on tight schedule anymore, I still did not activate my accounts until I get used to my new routine.

Right now, I am slowly going back to the online world but not as active as before. So I guess it depends on how loyal you are to your own cause. I also think that one should not only realize if something's wrong but to actually do something about it. Sometimes when we can't achieve something, it's not only because of the outside reasons, but because we haven't done what is required to achieve the goal. The temptations of this modern world are really tempting but let us do our best to not give in.
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Thanks in abundance for sharing your personal experience with us. I guess that says it all. We should learn to be ultra discipline and decisive just like you did in regaining your focus and old productive self. You indeed rock my friend. I admire your uncommon grit you showed in the face of distractions in order to achieve your goals. Thanks once again!
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I cannot focus if I am always in social media. There were times I stop watching news channel because I get stress of whatever is happening around the world. It really affects me. I think it is enough for me to browse a little online to get an idea of what is the latest and trending problems around the world but if I stick to social media for an hour, surely , I will start to feel depress and negativity will occurs. I focus on what I will do for my family first. I focus on savings. I am aware of different news but I tell myself that I cannot do anything about it but to pray for them. I can fix myself. I can fix my attitude towards all the negativity that is why my priority is myself in order to help some. I will just solve my own problems first before caring about other's problems.
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Ideally, that is the right thing to do by making oneself a priority. By the time you give in to all the negativity in the world, you would be sapped of all your positive energy at the end of the day. Thanks dear!
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It has always been easy for me because I don't leave my head in the clouds.Nothing at all freaks me.Whatever people rushes to do don't even touch me to do,be it fashion trends,technology or assets.I only go for what i believe is worth my time.

People allow trends to control them  but I control trends So the answer is don't follow trends ,don't allow trends control you,don't follow the bandwagon. Itching to do what others are doing or wanting to have what everyone have got.Having a mindset of this will definitely help one live a less chaotic life.

Remember we create any kind of life we live,so if one needs a less chaotic life,let go for the simple and easy going life and leave trends
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That's indeed the key. Don't be a trend follower but one who creates trend. With this one can really get his/her out of the chaos in today's world.
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We can only stay as focused as we want to be. There's strength in human mind and ability and when we set our heart to something, nothing can stop us and nothing is impossible. I don't let myself get carried away by the crowd. I always remind myself of who I am and what I want. I use those so called distractions as a way to unwind, relax and stay abreast.
When we set our goals, we know what to make a priority and what not. Most successful people go to social media to brag about their achievements and the naive ones go there and drool all day about them. They forget that it took focus and hardwork to accomplish those things.
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That is just it. Once you know where your priority lies you won't be carried away with all the distractions been perpetuated by social media. I just wished most people know this truth, it would have helped a lot.
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To be very honest with you, distraction is very much real in our society today when even before the dawn of the social media usage. But let's not take anything away from now the various social media sites have impacted on the society in a very negative way. I'm not trying to say that the social media doesn't offer anything positive in the world but I would say it's just a thin line that separates its positive effects from the negative side of its usage.

I can remember the days when we use to go to library on daily basis and dedicate long hours to reading our books but today with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Tinder, etc, it's very rare to see youths nowadays to give their time to reading their books. Most of them would spend more than 20 hours online without doing anything meaningful.

I just try as much as possible to stay very away from social media whenever it's dire that I focus on what I'm doing and also try as much as possible to not to compare myself with what or those I see online because most of them leads a fake life.
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Thumps up to you for your honest contribution. I could remember how studious we were back in the days reading for lengthy hours but today students are too carried away with so many things that are not adding value to their lives. It such a shame!
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Being focused is quiet easy for me because I know am an introvert who doesn't spend much time going the direction of everyone else.
I think the answer to your question has everything to do with individual personalities. Some people hardly get distracted no matter what comes their way, others on the other hand can be swayed by llittle things happening around them.
An extrovert for instance is someone who is literally everywhere. They like being on the know and never gets left behind on all happenings around them. They tend to spend too much time associating with people. They are the kind of people I think can be easily distracted as it takes a lot to quench their cravings on juicy issues.

An introvert on the other hand cares very little on things happening around them. They have very little likeness for social engagements. These type of people are likely to be more focused and less distracted by all noise happening around them.

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