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If you look around you would notice how the value of loyalty has been degraded.. Not only in relationship, friendship has loyalty lost it value as well as in business settings. What do you think has happened to loyalty?

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Loyalty use to be a great thing and basis of life when trust was still inhabiting among men but it is degrading today just for a singular reason which is the fact that many or a lot of people have openned their arms and decided to trust and give humanity a reason to live a supportive life.
Many have even entrusted all they've got to the hands of fellow being, worst of it is siblings or even parents, but all they got as a pay back is betrayal.

Nothing seems working with trust and giving one's best.imagine serving under a company for several years even even till odd hours only to get fired by the boss for small mistake!.

Imagine organizations that decided to fire a much hardworking youth  after he had suffered and truthfully contributed to building the company or organization.
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Sad to say, loyalty is only for the dog we are taking care of. There are friends that are loyal, regardless of how you treat them, but they are only human and they get tired to. It really depends on how you treat them so they will stay for you. I have friends who are still loyal despite some of my attitudes. I think all human beings have attitude but when it get stronger or bad, sometimes they are misunderstood. Loyalty is easy be given, it is easy to show but you cannot ask someone to be loyal to you, because even with siblings or family, they cannot stay with loyalty if they do not agree with you anymore. Loyalty is given, but it will not stay for long. Like Patience, we sometimes get tired and would likely to change as the only permanent is change.
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You gave a concrete answer but I stand to disagree with you to a certain degree. Are you telling me that loyalty is dependent on what you are expecting from others? I thought being loyal to somebody should be unconditional. And please don't draw analogy of loyalty of dog to that of humans. Humans are intelligent higher beings while dogs are not. Thanks!
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The problem is that people are very self centered and they tend to think about themselves alone. Also, money also contributes to lack of loyalty especially in relationships. Most ladies are attracted to men with big cars and good money. Some ladies will choose money over loyalty and that's why poor guys will always be single. Talking about friendship, I think lack of loyalty comes in as a result of hypocrisy. Some people will pretend to be your best friends but they're stabbing you from behind. They'll just stick around in order to find strategies of destroying you.

I have been through that and betrayed in the worst way that I never expected. What I learnt from the relationship and friendship, don't share everything with your partner or friends. Hide your secrets no matter how much you trust them. Let them know only what's necessary and what everyone else knows.
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Thanks for your intelligent answer to the question. Even the bible rightly puts it that money is the root of all evil. People sell out with the slightest inducement. It's not surprising. This set of people make it difficult to count on others loyalty.
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I feel that loyalty is still alive and exists today. Yes, the world has changed and people have changed. You will find that most of the people now make friends online and socialize with them. This is where loyalty has a problem. We have no idea who we are friending on all of our social media accounts. We have not met half of these people and only go by how many mutual friends they have in common with us. We accept their friendship request and not think twice about all this. In the end, it is basically these people who will not be loyal to us and stab us in the backs.
I basically use social media to promote my business and to get people to visit a website or buy a product I'm selling. Other than this I don't consider them a friend and I keep my distance from them. In real life, I make friends who I can trust and confide in. Ones that are there to help out and you can trust. This is where you will find true loyalty and true friends. Not online. Furthermore, businesses are trying hard to win back their clients and will go out of there way to help them when they have a problem. If you shop at a store and they won't help you in the end, then it is best to never shop there again and give your business to a store that cares about their clients.
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I think it just in human nature to be disloyal even Lucifer that was the right hand man of God at a point became disloyal. I will attribute it to the imperfect nature of man,it like it is just natural that man at one point of his or her life be disloyal to a person.

A lot of people sometimes becomes disloyal because of some gains or another. If they're confronted with some benefits by another and they know they have nothing much to lose by being disloyal of course they will go ahead to be disloyal and gain whatever it is in the process.

So apart from being a natural thing,people have also allow greed to push them to being disloyal.
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Loyalty has a price now and even then. There are still many loyal People on earth. People with good hearts That are not easily swayed by material things and selfish gains. In this time of ours, more people think about themselves and less of others. That's where the problem lies. People will sell out on others Just to have gold even when silver will do just fine.

Another thing is our attitude towards others. We can't expect to get from others what we don't have. If you treat me like milk I will make you my honey. When you are so awesome to others, they'll see you like a god and they will never try to let you down. It is only logical.
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There are still people who are loyal, certainly on a personal level I have some very loyal friends but I think in the business world it is every man for himself these days. I'm not sure what has happened but I guess we are more competitive now than ever before so we have a tendency to put ourselves first rather than think of the next man.

I like to think in most cases that I am a loyal person but there have been times when I have let friends down as they have me so perhaps it is just a basic human flaw. When it comes to family I will stand by them as long as they are not doing anything dishonest. I've had some difficult decisions to make in the past where a close family member committed a crime. My instinct was to keep him safe but I knew it would be wrong. In this case there was a boundary line which I couldn't cross.

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