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The fact is I have been contemplating of late in going into politics but with the frequent use of the phrase 'politics is a dirty game' I am kind of apprehensive about how to go about it. Is politics really a dirty game? if it is, how and why?

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Of all the jobs in the world Politics to me is the worst of them all. This is such a cutthroat game and people will do everything in their power to destroy you. What gets me about all this mess is how they hire people to dig into your past. They want to find anything and everything they can use against you to make you look bad. If you decide to go into politics I would suggest taking a deep dark look into your past. Sit down and figure out what you did in high school,  college, and your current day life. Make sure you don't have any deep dark secrets that you want to hide and hope nobody will ever find out about. Because in politic they will find out everything they can about you and drag your name through the mud. If you were ever at a party and got drunk, you had a girlfriend, or your wife did something in the past they will find this and tell the world about it. Politics is a dirty business and everyone wants to be elected and they will stop at nothing to get into office.
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Wow! The truth is i am beginning to get scared of the whole thing. Initially i thought it provides an individual an opportunity to serve his/ her country. From look of things, it shows that indeed politics is a dirty game that must be played by the dirty minded people.
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I for one wouldn't want people digging into my past and bringing up my life for the public to see. This really is a dirty business and people will do anything and everything they can to make you look bad. That is for sure. 
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Politics seem to be a dirty game because of its intricacies and if one isn't careful wouldn't live to even get through the primaries let alone rule.

Politicians are very heartless people when it comes to the game of politics,you will be surprised to see so much strife and choas just to be in a position of authority.

So much  dirty fight  from the opponent, one can be kidnapped, assassinated,framed up,maimed,killed,blackmailed etc by the opponent all in a bid to win an election.Too much bloodshed to gain governance.

How about all the rituals and diabolical means what need to explore for security to be able to live.In my country this is what is obtainable and is quite appalling for people that feels they're coming in to help and lead the masses.
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Indeed politics is a very dirty game. When People have a vision, they want to act on it. They want to use politics as a platform to reach out to People but unfortunately it isn't as easy as it seems. You might start to get ahead but along the line, there will always be bad eggs. People in the system who will try to stop you because you are interfering with their personal interest.

It then becomes like a game of chess. They will conspire, lie, dig up your past and do all sorts to cross you. At this stage, some people may get tensed and desperate. They'll want to do anything to cover their back and so they involve themselves in all sorts of defence from bribery, assassination, kidnap etc.

The aim becomes defeated, vision becomes secondary and it is all a game of who will emerge victor at the expense of the people. Only few make it through in good faith .
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Politics has been called a dirty game perhaps because of all the troubles that has been tagged with it. Once you have been engaged with all these politicians, no matter how loyal you are with your cause, there will come a time when you will give in to the system. Hence, it changes you, especially the idealist you.

Although, I think politics isn't dirty nor should be treated as a game. The one's who are dirty are those people who treats this as a game. Being a politician is all about serving the people. It's about hearing their cries and their heartaches. It's about standing up for them even when they can't even begin to crawl. It's speaking up for them when they can't utter a single word. Once a person decided to enter the world of politics, he or she should have the heart and the vision of making the world a better place, not just for some, but for everyone.
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Yes, it is indeed a dirty game. Here in the Philippines, that is the dirtiest job compare to cleaning your sink and toilet. People in Politics could kill. They will kill their opponent, they will the opposition just to stop dirty things be thrown on them. They will make you look bad by throwing shade at you. They will create a story to make you look bad. They are more busy with their opponents compare to giving the service that the community should expect from them. They will even steal the money that you are paying in the government through tax by the ghost project they do but will give you a dollar once they learned you lost your loved because of death. They are only good to you when the election is near because they need your vote and they will even pay for that just for you to vote for them.
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Politics is called a dirty game just because all the politicians are very much experienced in playing a blame game. They are always ready to point a finger over other whereas, they are not willing to see themselves or their faults. Almost every politician has been involved now and then in some type of criminal activities. In spite of that, being inside the jail, they use their power and money and influence all the proofs and eye-witnesses and live a good life. 

If any politician is doing some good work then also, he would have been victimized of being very good and doing a selfish work to attract the voters in his favor. It is just that if you are bad then you know you are bad, but if you are trying to do something good then also you have been judged that it would be a selfish motive. 

Politicians play the blame game at such an extent that they don't even think twice before blaming the government for any natural calamity or accident. All these things are not in the hands of any person particular, then also the government or the specific politicians has been blamed.

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