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I have a company called SB evolution that will make every effort to accommodate a client’s request for a day and time of service, basing availability.

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If you are preparing a contract or have a website that will schedule service calls I think it would be better to add a section under scheduling that says estimated time and date of your service call. Otherwise, you can use both of these on the page and will need to fill in both areas when updating your service call logs online.

If this is for a work order and you need your people to be at a home at a certain time and date you will need to indicate this on the order with two fields. You'll need date and time scheduled.
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If you are paying for the service you better get your money's worth. Yes, you should ask for a convenient time and day for your landscape maintenance.

You should also ask for the best gardeners who know what they are doing, more often than not, maintenance companies send day laborers who have no clue what they are doing. This could harm your lawn and garden much more than you think.

Maintenance isn't just about pruning and keeping the plants in shape, make sure that all weeds are carefully removed, and the soil around plants is loosened up.

Also make sure that they provide the regular nutrition for your plants. You could even opt for organic manure for your landscape.
Ensure that all plants, bushes and trees are checked for pest, fungal infections and such and treated rightly.
It is your right to ask for all these things when you pay good money.

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