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Set a alaram for Good working

<3 and remind for working and prayer nice this fetcher i use daily basis.thanks for this

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Over burned of food in the kitchen, firing paper, overcooked items smell etc can be the cause of some false fire alarm. It can be stopped very fast.
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the fire alarm system has not been serviced for a long time, the fire detector has not been cleaned. it needs to be cleaned according to the regulations for fire alarm system maintenance. The fire detector is installed in a dusty room. Its cleaning is required. It is necessary to correct the maintenance schedule of the fire alarm system, increase the frequency of cleaning fire detectors. It may be necessary to replace the smoke detector with a flame detector, as it is not suitable for use in a dusty room environment. There is smoking in the room where the smoke detector is installed. It is necessary to either prohibit smoking in the room or install ventilation to limit cigarette smoke exposure to the smoke detector. Remember that tobacco tar may settle on the smoke detector's sensitive elements, the smoke detector should be cleaned.
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Human error: One of the most common causes of false fire alarms is human error, such as accidentally activating a manual pull station or setting off a smoke detector while cooking.

System malfunctions: False fire alarms can also be caused by malfunctions in the alarm system, such as faulty sensors or wiring.

Environmental factors: Dust, steam, and other environmental factors can sometimes trigger false fire alarms.

Vandalism: In some cases, false fire alarms may be caused by vandalism or malicious intent.
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A false alarm is a fire alarm signal from a fire detection or fire alarm system which is not caused by a fire. 

Examples include: 

A fire-like phenomenon (e.g. a smoke machine triggering a smoke detector) 

Accidental damage to the system

Inappropriate human action (e.g. malicious manual call point activation)

Equipment malfunction. 
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